Simpsons 4/21

That was a good show (and it was also a clip show).

I thought it sucked balls.

It’s the best of the clip shows.

Stop! You’re both right.

Clip shows, by definition, suck balls. See?

The song at the end was funny though.

Heh, I loved it when Kodus and Klang (sp?) said something to the effect of, “We’ve been watching your planet since it began…5,000 years ago, by the hand of God.” And they then proceed to cross themselves in Catholic fashion.

I especially liked the Jump the Shark reference at the end. I think they know they’re running on fumes.

The writers of The Simpsons themselves know the show has sucked ass for several years now and devote most of their time to making of fun of people like us on the internet who complain about how much the show sucks these days.