Simpsons intros

Simple question. I’ve watched the Simpsons on and off since it started. I think I may have seen a few of the same “intros” for different shows. By intros I mean those little scenes at the beginning where the Simpsons try to race to the couch together and something bizarre happens. Does each show get a unique intro or not?

The “couch gag” (as well as the “blackboard joke”) is a standard Simpsons bit. For the most part, they’re unique to each episode, though a few have been reused.

When the episodes are syndicated, often the blackboard gag is cut entirely and a single couch gag is reused over and over. I’ve seen the bit where the family runs in and finds another identical family already seated on the couch over and over. has detailed descriptions of each episode, including couch and blackboard bits.