Simpsons Movie DVD details released- must read!

I’m not sure what the source of this is, but this announcement of the special features on The Simpsons Movie DVD, to be released this November, is by far one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. In true Simpsons fashion, most of the special features are fake, and it’s hard to tell which ones are real and which ones aren’t. At least when it comes to the deleted scenes- I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to get halfscreen mode or Futurama alien language subtitles.

We picked up a bootleg DVD of The Simpsons Movie here in Thailand last week, but we wanted to see it in the theater first – which we did yesterday, and it was very good (the wife almost dropped her popcorn during that one hedge scene when Bart is skateboarding naked) – so we haven’t really checked out the DVD yet. I did notice when I was making sure it worked that there were some Special Features on it. Will let you know what these are.

I’ll guess that the bootleg DVD you picked up is not the official studio version to be released in November. But if it is, let us know what’s on it.

Generally the DVD’s found in Asia are don’t contain the actual special features until the official DVD is released and copied. Was it the DVD-9 version with all American features?

I just took a look at the Special Features. It’s only the movie trailer.

Love it:

Secret Audio Commentary 2: Recluses
Participants: Writer John Swartzwelder; Authors J.D. Salinger and Thomas Pynchon; Cartoonist Bill Watterson; Comic Book Publisher Jack Chick; The Residents

Maybe you shouldn’t be confessing to crimes here.

Real (though not “official”) information about the Simpsons Movie DVD release

Yeah, I just discovered that the site I linked to is actually a parody. I mean, I knew it was tongue-in-cheek, but I figured it was an actual announcement written in Simpsons style. This guy should be hired to write for the show- or the promo department.

I’ve seen this comment here before. Do you have a cite that lists people who have been prosecuted for crimes that they confessed to on the SDMB?

The parody one sounds better.

Thank you for your concern, but this is Thailand. Everything and nothing is against the law. It’s a whole different moral universe. All part of what makes it exciting to live here.

Besides, the bootlegs line the streets, with the police paid to look the other way. Not much danger of getting in trouble for bootlegs here. There are actual shops filled to the brim with nothing but them.

If the crime were serious enough, I’m sure the SDMB would delete the thread and/or ban the poster. For instance, there’s already been a couple “Ask The Pedophile!” threads which the admins made disappear…for obvious reasons.

But I don’t think anyone’s going to get in a tizzy over someone who admits to buying a couple bootleg DVD’s. :rolleyes:

However…encouraging people to commit crimes, or providing information on how to commit them (lockpicking threads, how to build a gravity bong, etc.) is right out, that will get you in trouble right quick and the SDMB is very proactive in closing threads that merely come close to crossing that line.

Bragging about crimes (no matter how petty) is pretty stupid, too. Just sayin’.

I was hardly “bragging,” but rest assured I will keep that in mind.

That doesn’t make you not a jerk.

friedo: personal insults directed against other posters are not permitted in Cafe Society, as you well know. The use of a double negative is not an excuse. Kindly refrain from such in future, right?

I wasn’t gonna’ say anything, but it’s kind of starting to get to me. Not only is the name-calling against board policy, but it is so un-called for in this instance. Some of the people in this world who have bought bootleg CDs and DVDs may indeed be jerks, but doing so doesn’t make you one. Even if you subscribe to the notion that it takes money out of the pockets of the artists who created the work, *in this instance * the poster states that he and his family saw the movie, presumably through a paid admission. So Fox got their money.

Plus I’ll buy the real DVD when it comes out, because I want to see the Special Features. (Of course, they’ll have a new bootleg then, also with the Special Features, but we do buy the real ones when they’re available.) Buying a bootleg anything over here – be it a DVD, CD, Chanel bag or even Harrod’s shopping bag (those last have become exceedingly popular and now line the street stalls) – is up there in crime with snipping the tag off your mattress. However, if it’s going to bother some people, I shall refrain from mentioning it in the future. Apologies to anyone who was offended.