Sin City - no spoilers please

Should I read the books first ?

That’s my question in a nutshell, but to expand a bit - I don’t think I’ve ever read more than a couple of graphic novels, and that was about 15 years ago. The film isn’t out here for another few weeks but the look/style of the trailer has got me very interested. So should I

a) wait and see the film, if I like it buy the books
or b) read the books before seeing the film ?


It doesn’t really matter. The books are great, and the movie is a direct adaptation of the books, line for line, scene for panel. If I were you, I’d go into the movie cold, just so you can be suitably surprised and blown away by everything, and then seek out the books afterwards if you like it (which you probably will, if you’re already interested). Rodriguez and Miller did an amazing job bringing the books to life–no other comic book adaptation has ever nailed the source material so closely.

I second BBVL’s recommendation, but will add that some aspects - especially the dialogue - work better on the page than on the screen. If parts of the movie strike you as a bit clunky, don’t necessarily dismiss reading the GNs too unless you outright dislike the film.

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed by the movie, and I had been excited about it for months. I realized on the way home that I had been expecting way too much out of it.

It really is a movie based on a graphic novel. That said, don’t expect anything deep or remotely realistic. Also, you have to be prepared to forgive the legion of plot-holes in the film. However, it is worth seeing for the visuals and all the Springfield 1911 clones.

I don’t know; I think I would have been better off buying the comics and enjoying them for what they were first.

Thanks folks - will probably wait for the film and see if t tempts me further.