Sin City 2 trailer!



Fuck yes!

I’ve been a fan of the comics since they were first published, and I thought the first movie was excellent. I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.


Didn’t a bunch of characters in that clip die in the original?
Is this a prequel? If so that takes the shine off it for me. I’ll look forward to it when it comes to Netflix or cable but I won’t be going to the theater.

The stories in the comic books were not all written/published in chronological order. So, yeah, some of the events in this new movie take place before events of the first movie. But other events in this new movie take place after the first movie. So it’s part prequel and part sequel. There were some new stories written just for this movie, so I’m not sure when they fit into the timeline.

Also, some characters from the first movie (Dwight, Manute, Miho) are being played by different actors this time, for various reasons.

Took them long enough, but I’m stoked.

Frank Miller, Robert Rodriguez, many of the principals bad and Joe Gordon Levitt? I’m in.

Good lord, I want this to deliver. That would be so fun.

I saw a credit for Eva Green? Yowza. She looks like a black and white femme fatale in real life; can’t wait to see how she fits into Sin City.

Rodriguez has said that Jessica Alba’s acting has gotten, like, eight times better since the first movie. Way too many ways to snark on that comment, but if she plays a somewhat central role, which she appears to do, then that would be at least helpful. In preview, she certainly undulates well :wink:

Gotttaseeitgottaseeitgottaseeit. If it is half as good as the original, it will be great. And the trailer looks like it might be, although you can’t usually tell.

But the “dame to die for” looks like a hot zombie, which is exactly the right look.

When will it be out?


The end of the trailer said Aug 22.

Oh yeah, that was fantastic. Gotta watch Sin City again…