Sin City trailer is online! Wowie wow wow!

How awesome is this?!?!

This comic book/film noir/Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller fan is geeking out! Wow! Damn! This movie is going to be amazing! And Elijah Wood is going to surprise a lot of people with his role!

I’ve never read the comic, and heard aobut this a couple months ago, and it looks awesome! It’s clear that the director stuck to the style of the comic book. I’m sure a lot of people won’t get it, or wonder why it’s in black and white but with a few pieces od color. Oh well, it will rock ass either way.

I haven’t looked forward to a movie this much since, well, actually just since ROTK. But, damn, I can’t wait for this to come out!

I heard it was directed by Frank Miller (the creator), with “an assist” by Quentin Tarantino.

Well, that trailer looks fantastic. I don’t know a damned thing about the comic book, but suddenly I really, really want to.

It was directed by Robert Rodriguez.

According to this FAQ on, Quentin Tarantino does direct extremely short scenes of one of the three intertwining stories, but Rodriguez and Miller have co-director credits. Here’s the relevant passage:

Here’s another thing I like: apparently the dialogue is lifted verbatim from Miller’s books, with lots of cooresponding screen shots from panels in the comics (I recognized several in the trailer, including all those beautiful shots of Marv), making this one of the most faithul comic book adaptations to screen ever done, right down to the black and white noir feel interspersed with occassional color.

I prefer the preview that was online earlier. (I think it was the comic-con preview)Lots of cuts to the drawings and then a scene. Also a lot more use of the spot color. (sorry, can’t find link)


Omigawd - that looks awesome. That is a first-day, wait-in-line-to-see-it if there ever was one…


I agree; this looks amazing. I’ve enjoyed Rodriguez’s work in the past, but it seems he’s really outdone himself on this one.

Ooooh! Oooooh!

squeals like a little girl

watches the trailer again

runs around in a happy little circle

Ooooh! Ooooh!

I predict a Hulk-style disaster in the attempt to mingle comic aesthetics and what can be done in a movie.

I hope you’re wrong. The comic book framing of the HULK was terriffic and commented frequently by critics as an innovative plus. The movie script was weak and director Ang Lee brought the same surreal gravity defying lightness last seen in brilliant effect in CROUCHING TOGER, HIDDEN DRAGON to a rampaging CGI monster, which was the wrong, wrong way to go.

SIN CITY borrows directly from the source material the exact sensibility of the books and practically uses the comic panels as a storyboard. I wanna see it just to see if those naysayers who say comics can’t be translated for the screen without rewriting the storylines whole cloth can be proven wrong.

Some of us actually liked the Hulk. It’s no Spider Man 2, but I thought it was well done. :o

Back on track, the preview looks incredible. I know nothing about Sin City though. Anyone know of a place that I can get some background?

I’ve been waiting for a trailer of Robert’s last movie for a while. I’ve really liked his past movies.

I gotta say, I’ve been looking forward to a movie like this for a while. It looks like it has the special effects of Sky Captain…only it’s noir. Cool thing is, while watching Sky Captain, I kept saying to myself “Damn, I wish they’d bring back noir like this!”. I’ll be in line for a ticket day 1.

I just read the Marv comic story and bloody hell you right; perfect casting and the biggest departure I’ve ever heard of!

To from Frodo Baggins to

An emotionless serial killer who never speaks or stops smiling and gets off on eating young women, then dies a most horrific death…

If I take my little sister to see this she’ll kill me, but not until she’s had an aneurysm :).

And he does a pretty good job of kicking Marv’s ass, and Marv takes out entire squads of cops and thugs by himself!

If Frank Miller can carry over some of the heat he had in Robocop 3, well, never mind…

:wink: I can’t wait for this flick.

Are you thinking of #2 perhaps?

Silentgoldfish and Big Bad Voodoo Lou – did you catch a glimpse of Kevin in the trailer?

The casting of Mickey Rourke as Marv was pretty inspired.