Sin City trailer is online! Wowie wow wow!

Does anyone know what song was used in the trailer?

Rory Gilmore is a stripper?!?! I’m there!!!

Ohmygosh, me, too. I saw the trailer and I was absolutely hooked! I have absolutely no idea what the movie OR the comic book are (is?) about, but damn, I want to see this movie!! The music from the trailer is absolutely positively kick-arse!

No, no, no. She’s a hooker!

You’ve got to remember:Once Marv gets his hands on him, he takes him out quite quickly. He WAS a superior fighter than Marv, but Marv was stronger. The cops were in heavy body armour, which slowed them down and allowed Marv to overpower them, plus they were lousy fighters. Also Marv was taking “enhancement” pills…

Wow. :eek: When is this supposed to be released?

Not soon enough!

I can’t stop watching this damn trailer. I don’t remember being so “geeked” for an upcoming movie since the first Batman or first Spider-Man movies came out.

For those of you who haven’t read the comic, Sin City is all written and drawn by one man, Frank Miller, co-director of the movie. The comic is in black and white, with the occasional use of single colors, as you saw in the trailer. All the individual issues and stories have been collected in trade paperbacks (TPBs) by Dark Horse Comics, so you can buy complete storylines in one volume. Most bookstores should carry these, if you’re interested and don’t feel like seeking out a friendly neighborhood comic book store.

It looks like the movie will be combining the original Sin City (Marv’s story), The Big Fat Kill (Dwight’s story), and That Yellow Bastard (Hartigan’s story–one of the few I haven’t yet read). I’m also guessing they will begin the movie with the stand-alone short story “The Babe Wore Red.”

I’m annoying my brother by watching the trailer on my computer over and over and over and over and over…I still don’t really understand what the movie is about, but damn, the trailer kicks some serious ass!

Much better version of the trailer.

I wonder if the film’s going to incorporate the use of comic frames pioneered by Tank Girl of all movies or if that’s just a conceit of the trailer?

All I’ve got to say is that this looks fantastic! I’ve not read any of the Sin City books, but you can bet that I’m going to hit eBay very shortly to grab a few.

You may want to go in order: Sin City, then A Dame To Kill For (not in the movie), then The Big Fat Kill, then That Yellow Bastard. You can’t go wrong with any of those. Also check,, and for deals!

I’ve never heard of the comic books, but Jessica Alba as a stripper is guaranteed to bring me in. As far as the story goes, it sounds like you’re saying it’s going to be a series of shorts? Is that correct?
Also, are hookers in Las Vegas really that hot *and * NINJAS?

It’s going to be three (perhaps four) separate stories with the same stark urban setting but different protagonists, all woven together and interrelating–kind of like how Pulp Fiction was structured.

I saw the trailer on the big screen last night (I saw the Aviator). It looked fantastic. I definitely was thrilled by it, and I had never heard of these graphic novels. I think it will do much better than Sky Captain did.

I’ve now read all 3 stories that are going to be in the movies. The only thing that strikes me as a bit odd is that the character Bruce Willis acts is meant to be in his early 70’s. He doesn’t look that way in the trailer to me!

Still, I can see why they’re weaving 3 storylines into the one movie. They were fun reads but stories don’t get much lighter!

If A Dame to Kill For isn’t in the movie why does IMDB have Maria Bello playing Ava?

It’s possible I’m wrong, but I could’ve sworn I read somewhere that it won’t be in the movie. Perhaps Dwight’s segment will include events from A Dame To Kill For and The Big Fat Kill. (And I also recall hearing Michael Clarke Duncan will play Manute, another Dame To Kill For character, but I could be wrong.)

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Big version of the trailer (about 15MB). Looks even better.

Is it released yet?

How about now?


How about now? Huh?

watches the trailer, drools

Now? :smiley: