Sin City Sneak Preview Tonight, 3/29!

I’ve got tickets to a Sin City sneak preview tonight. I’ll report in as to the quality of the movie.

That is, if I survive the theater. No idea why it’s at the Hollywood 27 (those in the Nashville area will probably understand).

Must… control… laser… eyebeams… of… jealousy…

You just better put spoiler boxes in your review, is all I’m saying. I will be seeing this one. There is just no way Robert Rodriguez could F this up.

First things first, no spoilers. Maybe after wide-release, but not off a sneak preview.

I’m a huge comic fan. I’m a Frank Miller fan, to an extent. Love his Daredevil stuff, Dark Knight Returns. So-so on Ronin. Hated Dark Knight Strikes Back. That said, I’d never sat down and read Sin City. I know the style of the books, but I’ve never actually read them.

The movie was spectacular. Just amazing. Filmed like the comic is drawn. Stories are tight. A few bad cgi moments, but nothing to worry about. It was a worry, since I know it was shot much in the same way as Sky Captain, and the cgi there bugged me. Very very good.

Bruce Willis was good, Mickey Rourke was great. Which I never thought I’d say. Clive Owen was great.

It’s easily one of the best comic book movies I’ve ever seen. For non-comic fans, it may be a bit over the top, but still a great movie. See it.

In the 10 minute comic con preview they had flashes of the actual comic panel in some of the scenes that I found very distracting. Are they still there in the finished film?

No comic panels. Shots that looked just like the panels, however.

Both of those bits of new are good :D.

I’m so pissed that I didn’t hear about this earlier. It was only a short hop skip and jump away:(.

Oh well, I can wait 'till Friday. One of the few movies I’m actually willing to go see on opening night.

Questions -
I don’t use like violence & I know it’s very violent. However, the stylized violence in Rodriquez’ “Mexico” movie didn’t bother me. What about this one?
Also - a reviewer said you really forget Frodo when you see Elijah Wood in this. True?

I caught the preview in Knoxville last night. Just amazing. The violence is very brutal and gory and almost…beautiful. Cinematography is outstanding. The three story lines intersect, though only in small ways. Of the three storylines I felt the one involving Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba was the weakest. Rutger Howard steals the movie as “Marv” in the first. The middle storyline has my favorite character in the flic - a certain “Meho”. Elijah Wood as you’ve never imagined he could be. The effects are amazing. Darkly funny. Gross at times. Very entertaining. This is the best film I’ve seen in a long time. Highly recommended. I will actually pay $7 to see this again.

It ruled!

Actually, that’s Mickey Rourke as Marv, not Rutger Hauer.

Damn my bad, where the hell did I get Rutger Howard at?? He’s not even in the film. Weird.

Rutger Hauer is in the movie, as Cardinal Rourke. Took me a minute or two to recognize him. Hey, at least he’s in Marv’s storyline.

As for the violence, it’s brutal, but stylized for the most part. The opening before the titles is really really good. Right before it started, we actually got the green preview card, so I thought it was a preview for something else. I was thinking about how good the preview was, then I realized it was the movie.

It’s definitely not an R rated movie you can take kids too. Yeesh.

This is one of the two films I actually want to see this year, glad I wonb’t be dissappointed when it hits these shores in [checks IMDB] June.

June??? ffs it’s not like they have to redub anything, just fly the reel across the Atlantic. I would start a pit thread but I’ve done it before on this topic.

June, sheesh.