Since she bit it off

There’s a song I heard back in the '80s. I think it was called She Bit It Off. I remember something like this:

I used to love them women
But I can’t love them no more
Since she bit it off
And threw it on the floor

Anyone know who performed this song?

Or why?

Lorena Bobbit?

I know that was a joke, but the song was sung by a male. In sort of a cowboy style.

I used to love them wimmiiiiiiiiiiiiin
But I can’t love them noooo moooooooore…

Helen Garp?

“Spit It on the Floor,” the Raunch Hands.

That’s it! I thought there was a cowboy theme to the band’s name. Raunch Hands.

Doomo arigato.

ColonelDax: I don’t suppose you know who did Every Day’s A Holiday? It came out about the same time.

Awfully sorry, but I’m afraid not.

Too bad it wasn’t Throbbing Gristle or The Revolting Cocks.

I have Throbbing Gristle’s Greatest Hits and Linger Fickin’ Good on CD, iTunes and iPod. (And TGGH on LP.)