Since we're all bitching about the opposite gender...

That stupid show on tv, “Elimidate”, is pissing me off. The guys ALWAYS go for the really blatant, obvious flirting airhead chick instead of the really cool, interesting girl. The more intelligent, interesting woman is laughing at the obviousness of the apparently terminally horny girl who is nearly tearing the pants off the guy, but the guys are always flattered by the manipulations of the manhunter. These guys are so shallow. I have suspected for a long time that a lot of men are this way, but this show is really confirming it for me. I just realized something - I thought the guys were supposed to be trying to get a date with a compatible woman out of this show, but they’re actually just trying to get LAID!!! Oh, it makes so much more sense now! They are always chosing the EASIEST girl! So, if any of you girls happen to not get chosen on Elimidate, it’s because you don’t appear easy enough. No worries.

It’s good to live your life based on television.

Whistlepig that’s why I keep watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I wanna base my life on Spike.

Was it a good thing or a bad thing that I kept switching from “W”'s speech last night to catch the “elimadate” one hour special?

Like a cer wreck, I had trouble tearing my eyes away.

I have yet to see a “cool, interesting”, or non-horny contestant, tho.

Shows like this make me wish I had a lower IQ.

whistlepig, I’m not sure what you’re saying here. Are you saying that it appears to you that I am making life decisions based on a 1/2 hour program that comes on my tv while I’m making dinner and I happen to watch it while I peel potatoes? And that I’ve noticed a trend on this piece of dreck (which, like Dinsdale, has a sort of car wreck fascination for me) that is pissing me off, and I felt the need to rant a little about it here which indicates that it is very important in my life? What exactly are you saying in your pithy little post?

(bagkitty, I’m with you - I’m not normally a fan of vampires, but Spike has a certain something, ya know?)

“Shows like this make me wish I had a lower IQ.”

television makes me wish I had a lower I.Q. thus I dont even own one.

I hate all those dating shows like that. The boys always choose the dumb, beautiful girls and the girls all the handsome guys who have big muscles. I especially hate that “Love Cruise” show on Fox. It’s incredibly stupid and very annoying. :eek:

Is that the one with a preview of some blonde on a boat screaming something about how she can’t stand someone as her eyes bulge out and then irradiate the poor soul in front of her? Oh yeah, she’ll be getting picked like a big 'ol booger.

Elimidate and Love Cruise are not real life situations and take any lessons learned from them with a grain of salt.

Have any of you watched “Blind Date”? That show is fascinating. You get to see them size each other up and can see what mistakes women make that seem to turn off guys or give the wrong impression. I’m sure guys could learn from it also and watch what helps make a good impression and what doesn’t.

I can’t seem to find the show anymore and wonder if it is still on.


Here’s someone who’s not bitching about the opposeite gender.

Okay, so what? Dumb guys like to pick dumb girls. I thought that was natural. When a smart, decent girl ends up marrying a stupid guy, now there’s a tragedy.

Here, of course, we are assuming that a really cool, interesting, intelligent woman would be having thoughts such as: “Too bad they cancelled Chains of Love and I missed the casting call for Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire/Prince. Hmmm…I know! I’ll audition for Elimidate! That would be just swell if they picked me. Gee, I’m so smart”

[sub]Ahhhh, TV. Hey, where are we going anyway? And what’s up with this handbasket?

Ever thought that if we could just put all the dumb guys and the dumb girls together, keep 'em from breeding, maybe we’d clean out the genepool a bit…

Blind Date is a good show indeed, and it teaches valuable lessons. Such as: Blind dates never ever work out.


Good point, Beeb. Note, however, that I said “the more intelligent” woman.[insert smiley to indicate lack of anger]

Eternal! Such pessimism! I have seen blind dates work out very well. You’re right in that the ‘success rate’ is lower since there is a large chance one or both won’t be physically attracted to the other unlike if you accept a date in person but they can still work out.


Blind Date is a good show indeed, and it teaches valuable lessons. Such as: Blind dates never ever work out.

Hey, wait a minute…I met my wife on a blind date!
Um, wait…never mind.

ROFL. Thanks Payne for the laugh.