Beauty & the Geek

Here’s hoping for some contestants with decent personalities. I’m expecting stupid girls and hopeless guys, but still good people with good hearts. I heard a review this morning from a Los Angeles radio jock that usually has good taste, so that gives me hope.
Anyone else looking forward to it?

Yea, I am. Hopefully it’ll be a positive guilty pleasure as opposed to Hell’s Kitchen. I loved the first ep, but God is that guy a dick.

I think we’re on the same wavelength, Wolfian, Re: Hell’s Kitchen.
Here’s a link to aintitcool with a bunch of links to reviews for this show. All positive!!!

How 'bout that!

If it’s the same one I heard, it changed my opinion from “I’d rather gnaw off my own left arm than watch it” to “well, if I’m home . . .” Listening to the clips, though, I have to believe that there’s some creative editing going on to make these girls appear stupider than they are. Columbus discovered America in 1942?

Watched it. Not actually all that bad, really. I was impressed how civil most everyone was and how much folks actually seemed to be trying to work with the premise. We’ll see, as time goes on, how it continues to pan out.

I do give it kudos for trying out some new ideas, especially in the elimination process.

The guys were better looking than any of the girls. Yowza, especially the first guy to get eliminated.

Agreed. The only true “geek” archetype there was Richard. I kept shouting “posture! posture!” at the screen whenever he igor-ed around the place and his annoying attempt at suave confidence reminded me too much of my high school friends.

So, when’s the geeky girls/attractive guys version coming out? Oh. That’s right. Never. Sigh.

I dug it, and I’ll be back for more. I’ll agree that these geeks will do fine when ‘styled’ by the beauties, but the women are nothing to sneer at.
It’s too bad they had to fall into reality schema of eliminating people. I think this show would do well using a point system to determine the winner, and kept everyone in the house. Since this is a social experiment, wouldn’t everyone do well to hang around for the full impact of the show?

Did anybody else pick up on a high-functioning autistic/Apsberger vibe from Richard? Wife did, though I was torn between ringer and drunk geek. Wife came in handy with explaining some of it to this geek. “Those guys are all nice looking, but nobody cares what a guy looks like as long as he’s nice and has a job,” and, “Why did that girl hook up with the guy who isn’t her partner? That’s because she’s a whore,” clarified things for me.

There’s some depth on the female side, though. When the partner of the pre-med who kept getting bloody noses (cliched enough?) reached up to tenderly clean the blood with her bare hand I thought, “Hmmm, nice woman! They make a cute couple and, dweeby with nosebleeds or not, he’s a bit of a catch. Can there be a future here?”

Mmm. Geeky girls. Drool.

Not a bad show. I just bought Kingdom Hearts for Gameboy* so I was more into that than the show, but what I noticed was good.

*Yeah, I’ll be on season 2.

Allright I just caught the last two episodes on Tivo and I am really skeptical. Maybe it’s because I know Ashton Kucher is a producer, but the two “extremes” of the geek spectrum, Richard and Brad, just don’t seem real to me at all. Richard is too out there, yet too stereotypical at the same time, and Brad is just way too good looking.

Has anything been leaked on the net about the “reality” of this show?

Some of my evidence:
Richard referred to himself as a “masseuse”, not a masseur. For someone who claims to know everything about everything, I’m not too sure.

Brad (and Joe) didn’t know wiper blades are made of rubber. What? And how can those girls look at Brad and think he’s not hot? Am I missing something there?

Brad is just way too good-looking? Because you can’t be smart AND attractive?
You mean, they should have chosen more Richards.

(I thought Joe was adorable, I just wanted to cuddle him. I have no respect at all for the girl who got with Brad…or him.)

I can see why some of the women might not think Brad is all that good-looking. His has this cold, dark stare that might make him seem less appealing to some.

Personally, I really, really like this Mindi person. She seems to have a good heart and a very sweet nature. She’s also one of the best-looking ladies in the group. If she were more intelligent, I might be interested in her.

As for Erika… good riddance. She’s pretty, and she looks mighty fine in a bikini, but she just screams shallowness and vapidness to me. I didn’t care much for some of Lauren’s remarks regarding the geeks either (and no, I don’t remember exactly what it is that she said).

That would be Erika. Like I said, good riddance to her.

I wish they would have gone a few episodes and then start the eliminations.

I wondered how they casted the geeks.

On the contrary. I see quite a lot of geeks who run the spectrum of looks and weirdness, just like I see plenty of beauties who run the spectrum of intelligence. To me, it’s more about where you or society ends up placing emphasis. Brad may be good looking (I think he is), but his remarks seem to make clear that he doesn’t do a lot of maintenance for that physique. He seems on par with many of the other guys in his awkwardness with women, he’s primarily introverted, he places great store in his intellect… he’s a geek.

Indeed, I would go so far as to say that for every one Richard in a crowd of nerds there’s about five Brads or Chucks. The show’s variety may weigh heavier on the latter set, but not as much as you would think.

Secondly, I’m a geek and I didn’t know the windshield wipers were made of rubber. Just because you view yourself as intelligent doesn’t mean you know everything. I would’ve been just as out to sea on the car thing as most of the girls were, and just as out to sea on massage as most of the guys were. Oh and Richard is an insufferable overcompensator. I absolutely agreed with Chuck’s assessment that he’ll do anything to get attention or make people believe he’s brilliant. That doesn’t mean he actually knows the gender difference between maseusse and masseur.

To be honest, I get a sociopathic vibe from Richard. There’s definitely something really messed up in his head.

BTW, on a purely visceral note, I’m a bit disapointed that two of the best-looking ladies (Cheryl and the insufferable Erika) are now gone. Yes, I know I said that I’m glad Erika has left, but she was nice to look at.

Oh, well, at least there’s still Mindi – my favorite by far, on every level.

There’s a Kingdom Hearts for Gameboy?!?!

signs up already for aforesaid show about geeky girls vs. attractive guys

No, I mean that you can’t be attractive and a geek. Well, at least a “geek” the way this show defines it, as someone who is completely hapless with the opposite sex. I think Chuck had it right when he said that Brad already had the skills he was supposed to be acquiring in the course of the show. IMO he didn’t seem all that awkward around the girls.

My other problem with Brad is actually with Erika, who kept saying “I never thought I would fall for a geek!” and “If I walked into a club I wouldn’t hook up with him.” Really? I just don’t understand why she would say that, since she hooked up with him pretty instantaneously anyway. It seems forced or scripted.

Huh. I guess that’s why I keep thinking he must be an actor, because he’s acting all the time. I’ll try to watch the next episode with this in mind. Thanks! :cool: