Whats your favorite trashy dating show?

I am partial to Elimidate myself. The trash talk on that fakey is worth the price of admission. I think Change of Heart really deteriorated. I have a hard time believing that any of those people on that show are even real couples. And don’t even try to tell me that these dipshits think up the slams on there own. They are scripted to a T. You know which ones I am talking about? The ones when the other date comes out and EVERY time the SO has some “witty” one line trash talk to spew out that is so obviously scripted for them its disgusting.

5th wheel is only So-So…

Blind Date is still the best one though. My favs are the ones with “Ward -the-psycho” on there. They have had him on there 3 times and he has failed each time. The last one he was on there he told the bar tender to get his date drunk so he could “poke” her. He said it right in front of her!

I also noticed that the same people seem to make the rounds between all 4 or 5 dating shows. I have seen one chick on 3 different shows!

Blind Date is hilarious–I love the captions, cartoons, visual effects, etc.

Remember Street Match, from several years back? It was similar to BD in that they used to hook up total strangers on the street and send them off on a filmed date.