Since when was TVAA banned?

It thought s/he was a more or less normal poster.

Was it something s/he said?

Here’s the link.:frowning:

No, he was Satan’s sock.

No, wait. I’m getting confused with all these anonymous live journals . . . was he, say . . . **Danielinthewolvesden’s **elder brother’s wedding caterer ? No ?

How about **Ed Zotti’s **nephew’s babysitter on alternate Saturday nights ?

Okay, I need to get this clear . . .

Didn’t we just have this thread like a week or two ago?

London_Calling - No, you’re thinking of Serlin. TVAA was banned for faking his own death to escape from his emotional entanglement with IDigBadBoys.

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No, it was because he perjured himself when he said KayKay didn’t give him a blowjob.

You know when you say the names of the banned, they rise like electronic ghosts to haunt us.


Altho the subject is somewhat serious, you managed to inject just the right note of whimsy. Thanks!

I thought TVAA was the love child of rural electrification and an alcohol recovery program?

He was banned for having the strength of his convictions. He has always stood up for his convictions and defended them vigoriously. The problem is that his convictions were divorced from reality. His own feelings on what a human being is and should be as well as the ethical and moral compass a human being should use lead him to these convictions and, to put it bluntly, he had a rather unique moral and ethical compass. Once he had his mind made up about something, he would not back down for anything. Basically he felt his opinions were objective truth and that no rational mind could come to conclusions other than the same ones he had.

His defense of his interpretation of Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem was a classic example. He came to a conclusion about its implications. Others tried to argue that his intepretation was flawed, but he stuck to his guns. His interpretation was THE right one.

He honestly believes there is no significant difference between the Neo-Nazis and the Jews. In his mind the two groups both hold themselves apart from the rest of society and form their own sub-culture based on shared ideals. That is as deep as his analysis went on the matter. What the ideals were didn’t matter to him. Both groups hold themselves apart from mainstream humanity into self-identified sub-groups. Neither has a rational, in his judgement, reason for this segregation, therefore both are equally abhorrent.

The straw which broke the camel’s back was his self-righteous indignation towards a fellow poster for what he percieved as hypocricy on her part. The fact that other analyses of the poster’s behavior revealed no hypocricy didn’t phase him. He felt she had been “objectively inconsistent” and therefore he was perfectly justified in deriding her. I asked him to defend his analysis of the situation, why the factors which swung the result of the other analyses were seemingly not included in his analysis, but he never answered my queries.

When he was warned by a moderator to quit persecuting the other poster based on his own interpretation of her behavior, he took it personally. You see he honestly couldn’t understand why anyone thought his persecution of his fellow poster was wrong. She was “objectively inconsistent” and smacking down hypocrites is part of what we do around here. So he took offense at being called on the carpet for his actions. The only reason he could come up with for why he was being called on the carpet was some sort of bias or unreasonableness on the part of the moderator. So viola! He starts a thread on how the moderator is a biased jerk. That didn’t go over too well.


TVAA was a troll, plain and simple.

He dived into an “Ask the Byzantine Catholic Chick” thread I started and basically asserted that there is no such thing as Byzantine Catholicism. He then accused me of lying about what my church teaches, deliberately misrepresented my position and misquoted my posts, then argued with his own misrepresentations. He picked nits about grammar errors as though they constituted major differences in doctrinal belief, then demanded that I defend several points about Latin Rite theology and doctrine even though I told him several times that I am not a Latin Rite Catholic and am not well acquainted with the Latin church. He insisted, despite much factual evidence to the contrary that Eastern Catholicism does not hold basically the same views on spirituality, theology, sin and redemption as the Greek Orthodox. Said that the traditions of venerating icons, etc. were just “window dressing” and if we were in communion with Rome we must have the same juridical and rationalistic views about sin and redemption as Rome. (Note- aside from a few points on Marian doctrine, I still have a hard time telling Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic apart.) He accused me of lying about my own beliefs, redefined a few words to suit his purposes, and called me a twit. In a Great Debates thread.

In another thread I started, he accused me of “false piety” because in my massage classes, I refuse to get involved in “energy work” because I regard it as occultic and it conflicts with my religious beliefs. He then proceeded to equate prayer with the use of magick and branded me a hypocrite. After that I tried to avoid even opening the types of threads he might be inclined to post in.

I have also noted in threads that I was pointed to by other posters that he will use a cite that actually supports his opponents position as though it supports his own, and when the quotage is pointed out to him, he insists that he is right.

I kind of got the impression from reading his posts that he has knowledge of several subjects that a person could pick up from reading a couple of articles, or maybe a book, and styled himself an expert.

I thought he hijacked Andy’s threads.

It started in Tanookie’s thread. He kept it up through several others, but it started in hers. The thread Coldfire was referring to in the quote TVAA used as a springboard for the thread he was banned in was referring to TVAA’s behavior in Tanookie’s thread.


Oy! Get back here english syntax! I’m not done with you yet. I’ve still got bamboo shoots and water drips to get too.

Sorry about that previous post. Basically it was his behavior in Tanookie’s thread that started it all. He continued to defend his position and then pitted Coldfire when Coldfire told him he had been a jerk in Tanookie’s thread.


Has anyone noticed that the banning of TVAA has coincided suspiciously with the re-entry of another poster? Of course they are not the same person but is it possible that said other poster is only coming back here because TVAA is gone?

So he did pit Coldie on his own. I thought all he did was hijack. Thanks.

No. He came back prior to TVAA’s banning.

Well, if you’re talking about who I think you’re talking about, I would have to say the answer is no.

A certain someone who is considered a bit on the fringe, but nonetheless is capable of reasoned debate was banned for “junior moderating”, but had his posting priveleged restored shortly after TVAA was banned.

I periodically absent myself from the boards here for weeks or even months at a time, either because of constraints on my time or because I have personal problems I need to sort out, and often I return to find someone I was rather fond of was banned. SqurlCub, the poster who inspired my “Chick Tract Rite of Exorcism”, which I break out and post when the occasion calls for it, had apparently started a joke thread in which he posted that someone was trying to break into his house, then didn’t post to the thread again after that… a lot of people were really worried, and he was banned for causing his fellow Dopers unnecessary grief. Satan had been the most popular poster on the board, but apparently it went to his head and he degenerated into jerkdom. Not precisely sure what happened to DanielInTheWolvesDen, apparently he got into it with another poster here and went overboard with personal insults. Daniel was a nice kid, but tended to be hotheaded and went over the top quite often. I pitted him once for his irrationality in arguments, and after a two-page slugfest, he apologized to me and we ended up being friends. He’s alive and well and posting at Unaboard.

TVAA, OTOH, was a jerk from top to bottom. I think that he was allowed to remain on the board for as long as he was because he was actually intelligent and could, on occasion, make an actual contribution to a discussion. But anyone he disagreed with was subject to insults, although he was fairly good at doing it in a roundabout way so as to technically appear to be attacking the post instead of the poster, even though it was fairly obvious a good deal of the time that the comment was meant to be a direct personal insult.

But an intellectual troll is still a troll, and TVAA had it coming to him for a long time. I was actually watching to see when he would finally be banned. It took too long, IMHO.

Anyone else find this hysterically ironic? Anyone?

Yeah, that was a really bass note.

I have a very innocent question.

I thought this sort of thread was strongly discouraged; certain mods and admins have repeatedly emphasized “if you want to know why someone was banned, ask via email.” This admonition has often been delivered when closing down a thread (such as this one) discussing a banning.

And yet, here we are. Lately there have been a few other threads of this type which have been allowed to remain open as well.

So which is it, staff? Good/bad/indifferent? If I thought these kinds of discussions were A-OK, I might participate in them more often.