Sing along with our pets!

Sung to "Copacabana’ by Barry Manilow:

Her name was Hanna, she was a tabby
With stripy fur everywhere and whiskers out to there
Her name was Hanna, Hanna Banana…

That’s about how far I got with that.

I’ll never forget seeing (well, hearing) my dad - who thought nobody was around - catching our Dachshund sitting in HIS chair, and instead of running her off like he would have my brother or me, sang, to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic:

I see the little Doxie
And she’s sittin’ on my chair
I don’t know how she got there
And I don’t know why she’s there…

We sing Mr. Mojo Rising to the Mojo-dog, and our neighbor used to sing Pennies from Heaven to the Penny-dog. I’ve been known to sing Peggy and her Gallant Soldier as Penny and her…, and Bonnie Mallie Lee as Bonnie Penny Lee.

For some reason, we don’t tend to sing to or about Binkley. Not sure why. Maybe his Corgish yodel is enough.

Missed the edit window, but now that I think about it, I do sometimes mangle a lyric from Dragging the Line for him:

My dog Binks eats purple flowers
If only he would take a shower…

Lisa, your husband is cool.

I can’t think of any words to my pet songs but I know I’ve done some to the tune of Copacabana.

to the tune of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for my cat who LOVES to be brushed

Oh my pretty kitty brush ho
Pretty kitty brush ho I love you
And my pretty kitty brush ho
Pretty kitty brush ho loves me too
M’iow m’iow pretty kitty brush ho
Pretty kitty brush ho m’iow
M’iow m’iow pretty kitty brush ho
my furry purry friend
M’iow m’iow pretty kitty brush ho
my fur-ry pur-ry friend
kitty brush ho pretty kitty brush ho
purry furry pretyy kitty friend

okay - I was stuck for lyrics in the bridge

and just because it came to me a few days ago
to the tune of Little Bird from Man of La Mancha (it’s a work in progress)

Little cat little cat
On the living room rug
Little cat little cat
will you give me a hug
did you kill that string?
and that other thing?
little cat little cat
i love you so
little cat little cat
i love you so

so’s that song!

I smell an album of cover tunes in the works…

American Idol for Pets!!! We’re rich

I had a whole song written about how I can’t go to the bathroom without a cat coming along. It went to the tune of “Close to You”, but I’ve forgotten the words. :frowning:

I don’t know if the tune is from a real song, or if I just made it up, but I sometimes sing to my cat

You look just like a neu-ter
You’re cuter than Judge Sou-ter
You work for Roto Rou-ter

“why do cats
follow me around
every time
i sit down”

does that jog your memory at all? :slight_smile:

If I sing it in when my cat, Feather, is in the right mood, she’ll sing along with me -

Featheroni baloney
all covered in cheese
I lost my poor kitty
when somebody sneezed
She rolled off the table
And onto the floor
And then my poor kitty
Rolled out of the door
She rolled down the garden
And under a bush
And then my poor kitty
Was nothing but MUSH

Then there’s all the nonsense ditties throughout the day that vary from day to day. My husband doesn’t sing to the cats at all. Funny that.

Our latest cat is named Scrappy, and I like to sing to him when he lands a room clearer in the litter box…

(tune: Spiderman theme)

Scrappy Doo, Scrappy Doo
Smell that poo from Scrappy Doo
He’s got a very shmall stinky butt
If he doesn’t stop pooping, I’m gonna tape it shut.
Look out! Here comes a Scrappy Doo!

Not all that creative but fun. Sung to the tune of the Bad Boys song

Bad dogs! Bad dogs!
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

Bad dogs! Bad dogs!
Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they find your poo poo?


(To the tune of “Jackie Blue”, to my cat Grace, nicknamed Boo):

“Ooh-oo-ooh-ooh, Gracie Boo…
You’re my cute little Russian Blue…”

And to the tune of Alanis Morrisette’s version of “My Humps” (which, I’m almost more embarrassed to admit that I quite like, even though I despise the original):

“My Boo, my Boo, my Boo, my Boo,
My lovely Russian Blue…
Whatcha gonna do with all that blue?
All that blue inside that Boo…?”


I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I guess I’m in good company. :slight_smile:

Oh my god! We do this one, too!

Bad kitties! Bad kitties!
Whatcha gonna do? etc. etc.

I have a cat named Jack to whom I usually sing the Jackie Blue song. I guess I need to add some more cat related lyrics.

This is just so terribly funny! Here I am, all teary and snotty from the Borbet thread and this caught me off guard and made me laugh, consequently causing me to blow a snot bubble.

I have not done nor desired to do that in years. But it was worth the laugh. :slight_smile:


:o Thank you! I fear it’s ruined the Christmas carol for my kids, though…

To the tune of Davy Crockett…

Bubba Schnoodle!
King of the wild Schnoodliers.