Singapore: Lee KY home Orchard Rd?

Guards protect the grand entry to a vast estate on Orchard Rd, Singapore’s famous main street. The country is tiny. Net coverage is extensive. Yet no googlemap, net search or publication has a straightforward description of this palace in the city centre.

One question is ‘what is the property behind the gates?’
More interesting is how such an information void is made and kept?

Any ideas?

Here’s a map of Singapore (centered on Lee Ky’s home), where you can click on the buildings for a brief description. Maybe if you found the building there?

The Istana? That’s where the President lives.

That place is indeed the “home” of President SR Nathan and his wife.

It is opened to the public on selected public holidays for visits to the grounds and gardens and other state occasions.

I have been told that there are NO windows in Singapore that can see the actual Istana building.

It is very very secure

As to how it can be “enforced”?

This is Singapore. No more comment is needed

According to wikipedia, no one actually lives at the Istana. Here is a google maps satellite view of the area. We lived for a while on Cavanagh Rd, on the western board of the Istana grounds. It was virtually the only place in the country that I regularly saw police patrols. I never went to visit on one of the open days, though.