Sioux City, Sitcoms and Woman

Here’s what I mean.

Grandpa Munster (The Munsters) meets a woman (supposedly) in Sioux City, of course it was ages ago he supposedly met her.

Uncle Joe (Petticoat Junction) says “I almost got married in Sioux City,” but I beat it out of there. He talks about Sioux City at other times.

Mr Wilson (Dennis The Menace) says “I met quite a girl in Sioux City, of course that was long before I knew you Martha.”

And today I watched a repeat of * Father Knows Best* and Jim is also talking about a girl he knew in Sioux City.

Was there anything about Sioux City (I’m assuming it’s Sioux City, IA though Iowa is never mentioned), that would make it common to sitcom writers.

I know they have phrases like “Will it play in Peoria” so they must make reference to other small towns

Or do you think it’s probably that all those shows had the same writer and that is why Sioux City is mentioned.

I am not an expert, but I can bullshit and conjecture with the best of them. My WAG is Sioux City is a midwesty town with a funny-sounding name most people are vaguely knowledgeable of its existence but mostly never met anyone actually from there.

Other places that seem to fill a similar niche are Poughkeepsie (grandma or auntie), Albuquerque (where wrong turns are made), Toledo (Cpl. Klinger notwithstanding), and Dog River.

I wonder if it has any connection with the old (mid-1940’s, IIRC) song, Sioux City Sue?