Sir Blah: An Internet Mystery

I was reading this post in another thread.

There is no Sir Blah showing up via SDMB search at the moment.
Google isn’t helping with this quest at all. Nor Yahoo! or MSN Search.
But there seems to be at least one other person in the world who knows who he is. Or is not.
So who is Sir Blah? And could he be my long lost Rich Uncle?

Apparently, he has his own website. And a MySpace page.

All that searching for nothing when I could have just entered :smack:

Remind me when I get stupid again.

The website with photos belongs to a Doper, I’ve seen them linked in threads here. But I’m not going to “out” anyone - if s/he wants it known, s/he will be by to let you know.

The MySpace page isn’t the same person.

Fricking bizarre.

Well, let’s get this part out of the way first: The web site is mine, but the myspace is not. I have no idea who this kid from Averil Park, NY is. Funny thing is, we both have the same first name.

Anyway, I used Sir Blah as my online handle since I first started using BBSs in 1989. When I found the Dope, I lurked for a year or so, and when I went to sign up, I tried using “Sir Blah” as my login. However, I got the “already in use” error. I figured I had already registered at an earlier date, but none of my standard passwords worked. I had begun to get a little tired of that username anyway, so I decided to go with the one you see now.

To this day, I don’t know if I really had already registered here as Sir Blah or if it was someone else.

Adding to this, I see that the kid with the myspace is 18 – that means he’s probably not this 25 year-old VW enthusiast. Cripes, now that I search around a bit more, it seems there may be several people using that handle. Sheesh, people – back off my name, damnit! :slight_smile:

You know we have a search engine here, right? I found it in about ten seconds.

Is he related to Count Blah?

You askin’ me or the OP? If he wasn’t smart enough to figure it out, I wasn’t going to make it easier (At least not without Hal’s permission). And it just seemed rather “duh” that he couldn’t figure it out from the linked thread, y’know? But I did want to put in that the 18 year old MySpace Sir_Blah wasn’t ours. Or, at least, not the owner of the website in question.

Huh…after doing quite a bit of searching, I can also say I’m not this guy, this guy or this guy. Nor am I the one listed on Also, I don’t have any idea how I wound up as a character in a romance novel.

Fricking bizarre.
However, I did find interesting places that have linked to parts of my site…that was kinda cool.