An SD Welcome to …

… my brother. I found out a short while back that he has registered and has been posting to our boards. I’m not gonna tell all y’all what name he’s using though. You’ll just hafta guess. Or wait for him to come forward.

Cheers, bro!


MEAN tease, at that.


Stop! You must not hops on pop!

Well actually Euty, the nieces and nephews have taken to calling my father, GrandpaBeer.

(quickly referring to the ‘cyber flirting guide for Dummies’)

::Bat, bat, bat:: and would said brother be as handsome as you, big guy?

::clatter as aforementioned guide falls clumsily to the floor:: dammit.

Mark Serlin? Silo? Satan? Esprix?

Hello, UncleBeer’s brother! And welcome to the SDMB.

::walks away grumbling::

No mod ever started a welcome thread for me…

Nepotism. Pure and simple

What Silver Fire said!

Well, whoever you are…you are welcome.

Hi you!



Welcome to the boards, Unclebrother.


Holy crap-filled donuts… THERE’S TWO OF YOU???

Brother of UncleBeer… I don’t blame ya for not identifying yourself :slight_smile: Welcome!

I think that’s BrotherBeer. Makes Sense.
BruddaSuds, maybe?

BrotherBeer? Is that like cider? Hard lemonade?

I’m so confused.

Welcome… UnidentifiedBeerPerson. Hope you find the boards to your liking. Your brother does great work.

No pressure :wink:

I know who it is . . .


::running away as fast as anyone can::

Naw…I think he must be a monk! :smiley:

Welcome aboard, BruthaBeer.

Wooo Hooo! Threesome fantasies tonight!