Sir Christopher Lee

I don’t think there’s been a thread …

Christopher Lee got knightedlast week, on Hallowe’en Eve, delightfully enough.

One of my very favorite actors anywhere. Good for him! Maybe not so good for the rest of us, though. He already can’t be killed by conventional weapons, and now he gets to wear a suit of armor? This seems kind of unfair.

He was already Lord Summerisle.

And Count Dracula*. Come to think of it, this is technically a demotion!

*Okay, and Count Dooku

One of the things I still recall about the LOTR documentaries is that when it came time for Saruman to be stabbed in the back, Lee knew exactly what sort of noise he should make. Turned out that he had been a commando in WWII, and had heard the sound more than a few times.


That said, he looks so much older since CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, when I last saw him.

Aside from observing the protocol of the occasion, there’s another reason to bend one’s knee, as Lord Summerisle knew: “shock is so much better absorbed with the knees bent…”.

Congrats to Sir Lee!

Now there are two knights on the cover of Band on the Run!

But, isn’t he already a Knight?


Huh. For some reason, I thought he already was one.

Hooray for Ansem the Wise!

I can’t believe it’s been ten whole years since they started shooting the Lord Of The Rings films.

I thought so too, but maybe they announced earlier that he was to be knighted.

Researching on Wikipedia, it’s 4 knights:

Sir Michael Parkinson
Sir Clement Freud
Sir Christopher Lee
Sir Paul McCartney