Six Angel Movies

According to Fox News, there may be as many as six Angel Movies of the Week, next season on WB. They are in talks with JW and Mutant Enemy about continuing the series with movies next year.
Heard it last night while half-asleep, but I’m sure I heard it.


And if the WB doesn’t want them, I’m sure the Lifetime Network will be happy to fit them in somewhere! “Lifetime – Television For Women Living AND Undead.”

I see your :slight_smile: and raise you a :smiley:

Six movies? Heck, that’s practically half a season! Wonderful news!

That’s actually more than half a season. A tv movie is the length of two hour long episodes, so six movies is the equivilent of 12 regular episodes, just over half of a 22 episode season.

This could work or not, depending on how well done the movies are. It was an utter failure with Remington Steele, but worked fairly well for MacGyver.

Haven’t seen this anywhere. Link anyone? of ‘Angel’ movies

This was announced at same taime as the official cancellation confirmation:

“There may be hope for resurrection. Although nothing is finalized yet, Whedon is talking with the network about possible “Angel” TV movies next year to tie up any loose ends in the story.”

Here’s the newest info I could find: (I’m sure it was reported friday on the Fox G-block (whatever that is)

I don’t know if I’m going to get excited about it yet. JM is shaving his head sometime in the near future (I think the 27…) on the Ryan Seacrest show and DB has said he is relieved that Angel is ending and Joss has commented that he’d be open to “future projects” but he hopes his people have other projects to do instead. Bell and Craft & Fain do already have other jobs. (Bell will work on Alias, C&F are going to the Shield.) And of course, Joss is doing Serenity…which I guess would leave Fury for the movies…he’s 3rd in command over there…

On the other hand, the president of ME, Chris Buchannen has said that they are planning other projects in Angel’s world so…Maybe I’m being unnecessarily pessimistic.

I don’t want to get my hopes up to have them dashed.

See, now somehow I would find some possible side projects as interesting or more interesting than a continuation of the Angel saga. If the series can be wrapped up in the time remaining then I’m actually fine with having Angel go out well if the alternative is some possibly mediocre stand-alone movies. OTOH, there’s a wealth of supporting or even one-shot characters who’d be interesting subjects for projects.

What channel is that on? JM is so much more attractive when he’s not being Spike (please don’t hurt me.)

Ryan Seacrest’s show is syndicated so check your local listings.

Oh, I won’t hurt you. My favorite thing in the world is to go see JM’s band perform, so I can marvel at the pure yumminess of James. mmmmmmmJamesmmmmmmmmm.

And then I come home and watch Fool For Love and marvel at the pure yamminess of Spike…heh.

It’s felt like for awhile now that they’ve been setting Spike up for his own series. I could see him traveling around the world fighting evil (along with one or two sidekicks), and occasionally encountering various people/things that already exist in the Angel world.

Another less likely spinoff could be something with Wes and Illyria. Maybe even those two with Spike (!). How cool would that be?

What ever happened to the Ripper series JW was working on?

Ripper? As in Giles?

Yeah, as in Giles.

From what I can gather, the BBC was always interested in the show. But Joss got wicked busy with Firefly, and then after Firefly was cancelled, he focused most of his energy on getting a Firefly movie, and saving Angel from the chopping block. Now he’s going to be completely absorbed with the movie, but with Angel over, he might be able to find the time to start a series for BBC. I haven’t heard anything indicating that the BBC is no longer interested.

Incidently, ASH is currently starring in the Pirates of Penzance in London.

You do realize that the pure yumminess of Spike is a direct result of the pure yumminess of James, don’t you?

MMMMM, James Marsters. :droolsmiley:

As I assume the Pirate King? Any photo links? Any word on a cast recording?