Six Degrees of Osama bin Laden

What with rumors of a new law allowing American citizens to be deported …“expatriated”…who have ties to Al Queda, and given the generous flexibility displayed by the Bushistas in the definition of “ties to Al-Queda”, I offer this fun new game. Shall we say less than 6 degrees of seperation is grounds for whatever Mr. Ashcroft decides to do to the subject?

Game is of course played along the same rules as a similar game centered around that move star guy, Kevin Bacon. It is, of course, a given that all “radical islamacists” are directly under the command of Osama bin Laden, since Al Queda is the Comintern for all such movements. Hence, Saddam Hussein is one degree, since that guy had his leg cut off in Baghdad, which is Iraq’s capital, hence one degree. OK, two.

Donald Rumsfeld, who shook hands with Saddam Hussein some years back, is a three. Get his airplane ticket, he’s gone.

Pope John II was shot by Achmed Ahmet, who is an islamic radical, hence the Pope is a two.

Nanook of the North is an Eskimo, which is a native American subset. Some indians of northern NY are implicated in a plot to sell cigarettes to support Hamas, which is Islamist radical, so Nanook is a four.

All lesbians are a four, because Dick Cheney’s daughter is a lesbian, Dick Cheney knows Donald Rumsfeld, who shook hands with Saddam, who is in cahoots with Osama bin Laden.

Challenge: who is a five or more? Anybody?

I think you’re missing the boat (and better get on it quickly too, ya damn liberal), since we’ve established that anyone the administration feels is a danger to our nations security can be held w/o constitutional or other legal protections, I doubt that they’ll need to actually demonstrate (that is to anyone’s eyes but their own) any degree of connection.

Everyone who voted for Cheney?

Five or more means less connected than Nanook of the North. Get with the program, guy.

Everyone who voted for Nanook of the North?

I can’t seem to find a proposition to be debated here, so I’ll just assume this is elucidator’s traditional Friday night Bash-the-Bushistas-with-mindless-venom thread.

I’d hoped yesterday’s stimulating Colin-Powell-might-be-an-asshole debate would suffice, but no.

Of course, you wouldn’t have, ya know, a cite about American citizens being deported, would you?

Alas. milroyj, you’ve found me out. Thus far, my only remotely credible source is that scoundrel, Bill Moyers. You can read his vile screed here, if it shall not stain your eyes.

You can probably watch him spew his hateful propaganda on PBS this evening.

Scylla, I do you a kindness. Without a regular opportunity to vent your bile, you would surely burst. And then were should we be, without your Proust like musings and the gentle good humor of your, ah, wit.

Good Lord 'luci, could you be a little more pompous and condescending?

Actually, John Paul II was shot by Mehmet Ali Agca. (John II died in bed in the 6th century)

from luci’s citation:

Excuse me if I don’t take this too seriously yet.

Hmm, nothing at all in your “cite” indicates a plan to deport citizens.

More sound and fury, signifying nothing.

As usual.

I’m not at all sure, Mike. If I were, would you feel challenged to be more obnoxious?

Now, Captain Amazing, that’s not fair, trying to confuse Elucidator with the facts. He’s not equipped to handle them.

OK, let’s see. Until about the day after 9/11/01, members of Osama bin Laden’s family lived at a condominium complex in Charlestown (Massachusetts). The management office there is one of my company’s clients. Hopefully they have internet access at Guantanamo Bay so I can keep you all posted.

Thanks, waterj2. Still no evidence of a single solitary American citizen being deported.

Well, no, not yet. They haven’t passed the bloody thing yet. However, if you’re really curious, theres a GD thread outlining the facts of the matter and, yes indeed, that’s precisely what they’re up to.

In case you’re interested, your “facts” do not agree. No where does it say that American citizens would be deported. Which would be pretty silly, anyway. Where would one deport American citizens to? Des Moines?


I work with a guy…

…who used to work with Saddam’s son…

…who is the son of Saddam…


Not sure if that makes me a three or a four or a five, but I’m in the running!

Well, that makes you a two, actually. But since you’re already in Dubai, I guess you go to Guantanamo. Ask for a laptop, keep in touch.

milroyj is it the word “expatriated” that confuses you? 'Cause that means “deported”. Kicked out. Sent elsewhere. Adios, muchacho. Glad to help.