Obama, traitor

According to Dick Cheney:

I’ve been rolling my eyes at the tripe coming out of Cheney’s mouth since Obama took office, but this is just too much. With weasel words in hand, he calls the president a traitor. “Aid and comfort” aren’t just words-- they’re one of the ways the constitution defines treason.

Well, here’s a royal fuck you, Cheney. I defended the charges of treason against you and those in Bush’s administration on this MB in the past, so now I’m pissing on your parade when you pull the same crap.

We don’t want to listen to you anymore. If you had an ounce of shame, you’d crawl into some hole in Wyoming or Texas and just live out the rest of your miserable life in silence.

What a Dick!

If I didn’t know any better, I woulda thought the man was talking about himself and the Republican party.

If Dick Cheney happened upon an ounce of shame, he’d blink a bit at the odd feeling;not at all a wince of dishonor or disgrace, and just pour that tiny vial into the trough of divisive fear mongering that fuels his sweet kingdom. Doesn’t matter a bit. He’s thrived beyond all disgrace of Nixon and Bush years.

Good rant, though.

Personally, I hope Cheney remains a highly visable and vocal high-level member of the GOP for at least another two or three election cycles.

He’s probably just warming up before he goes down to Whoville to ruin christmas.

In 2000, Cheney had his fourth heart attack. I sincerely believe the world would be a better place had one of them been fatal. In fact, if I had to decide who was more evil, Bin Laden or Cheney, I’d have to think about it.

I think Dick is shitting hes pants…

The substance of Cheney’s comment is also asinine. Does he honestly think that waterboarding the guy 100 + times and keeping him locked up in Gitmo indefinitely doesn’t incite further hatred against the U. S.? KSM is probably already seen as a great hero for enduring torture and captivity in the name of jihad. Trying him in open court isn’t going to do any more damage than has already been done.

He probably failed at that too.

This quote demands a request for antecedents.

Behind what who have been asked to do? The American troops?

Assuming that is correct, let’s move on: Asked to do by whom? The Bush Administration?

Assuming that is correect, I should hope to shout President Obama should want to make absolutely sure he’s behind it, before making any decisoins about keeping our troops in harm’s way.

Damn, that man is so sure he’s right, when in point of absolute objective undeniable, not-open-for-debate fact he’s WRONG, that it’s hard to believe he’s able to successfully negotiate the complex set of processes necessary to keep breathing. It’s uncanny.

Aw, let’s be nice to Dick. I say we buy him a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts every day. And maybe get him some ‘desk toys’ for his office. You know, jack-in-the-boxes and such.

He probably does. Therefore, clearly, the press must be prevented from from reporting it.

Let Khalid Sheikh Mohammed be tried. Let him take the stand. I can’t think of any better way to convict him than by his own words. If the former vice president thinks that letting him speak will attract more followers than condemnation, then Cheney doesn’t have much faith in the people of this world, does he?

Bet you anything that locking Cheney up and waterboarding him 100 times wouldn’t incite hatred against the US. And if they sold pay per view tickets, the deficit problem would be solved.

One of their top people will be given the opportunity — courtesy of the United States government and the Obama administration — to have a platform from which they can espouse this hateful ideology that they adhere to

Where the hell else could he be tried? In Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iraq, or Afghanistan where he could possibly be rescued by sympathetic followers or, God forbid, possibly even acquitted? I can’t think of any better place for him to be tried and convicted than the site of his most henious crime. Cheney is a moron.

Dick Cheney should lick clean Satan’s ass in Hell. I mean this.

Defense: Your Honor, my client would like to deliver a diatribe for the record.

Prosecution: Objection, Your Honor! There is not rule, nor law, nor precedent that permits the Defendant a diatribe during a Federal trial!

Judge: Overruled! It is essential that I make some decision that will ensure that the Appeals Court will publicly bust my balls and augur out my rectum with a Black and Decker drill…

Alan Grayson, one of the few Democrats in Congress worth a damn, said it best:

Cheney is a perfect reverse barometer of what is good for America. Is there any thing position he has taken (WMD, Al Qaeda in Iraq, etc.) that has been borne out by history? Cheney is America’s George Costanza; what ever he says, we should do the opposite.

Of course he doesn’t- that would require empathy, the ability to imagine yourself in someone else’s place. Anyone who is willing to torture obviously lacks empathy.