Six siblings say don't vote for our brother for Congress

there are 3 other siblings who have not commented on the race.

Paul Gosar (R-AZ), since the OP couldn’t be bothered.

538 has that district solidly red FWIW.

Goasar votes with the President more than 98% of the time. Thanksgiving is going to be a bit tense.

There is no Gosar, only Brill.

They made more than one ad. This bit isn’t in the one linked in the OP but it is pretty damning.


Calling him out publicly like that took some character. Good for them.

When two people tell you you look sick, lie down.

When 2/3s of your siblings tell you you’re a terrible representative, I’d say some introspection and probable career-change would be warranted.

Meh. I haven’t agreed with my sister politically for 50 years.

Jed Clampett didn’t cotton to Miss Jane running for Congress, either.

It seems to me not agreeing with a sibling politically and not only believing, but coming out publicly and saying, s/he is racist are quite a bit different.

Reunions must be a heck of a lot of fun in the Gosar clan.

Agreed. This isn’t just a political disagreement. They’re saying he’s not fit to serve. From what I’ve read, I would agree.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard this, and it makes me so mad I could pop. This is not a political disagreement. This is a warning about his morality and basic human decency. We’ve been saying this for the last two years, and I still hear this. I’ve had people straight-up call the Obama family a “bunch of niggers” (no, I’m not censoring it) and then claim that my outrage is a ‘political attack.’

The question of whether black Americans count as real human beings isn’t a ‘political’ disagreement. It’s fucking evil and reprehensible that we even have to have this conversation. And yet, here we are.

“Oh, you just disagree with me politically.”

No, fuckwit, I disagree with the basic premises of your inverted moral universe. And these people wonder why we accuse them of being racists.

Well, to their minds, they aren’t racist. In order to be a racist, whatever it is you have no use for has to be human. After all, nobody calls someone who hates dogs or lions a racist, do they.

And to those folks, all those dark-skinned people running around are not human, ergo, they aren’t racist for hating them.