Size mattered if you were astronaut

According to a NASA space engineer, early astronauts needed to provide an accurate measurement of a certain male body part so that body waste disposal equipment would work properly. :eek:

lol xD thank you for that.

Who wanted to account for Shrinkage?

I wonder when that information will get released to the public :-). It might explain why Gordo Cooper was such a hot dog. Flying so low over the Florida Everglades so your propeller is hitting grass just to get under a flock of seagulls to prove they’ll poop on your plane is not the work of a man comfortable with his manhood. Or sanity.

Was the measurement affected by all the tang they got?

Different kind of Tang.

I’m certain that their wives (especially the exes) could have told anybody who was interested how they “measured up.”:wink:

Not the picture I was expecting to see when I clicked on the link…“No, really guys, mine’s this big”.

They tried marketing a new dried-plum flavor of tang. But people considered the name “Prune-Tang” to be misleading.

But boys will be boys, even if they’re astronauts:

NASA diapers forced men to make big revelation

Here’s the kicker for me.

I always insisted I had a large penis. Now NASA will back me up! :slight_smile:

I’d think NASA could come up with something better than that, like maybe “So are you more of a Sirius B, Alpha Centauri, or a Rigel?”

Look, you don’t understand. Space is cold. There was shrinkage.

In space, nobody can hear your excuses.

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having the right stuff was important.

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Now I’m just thinking of penises in zero-G.