Skald, please, please tell me I'm very, very wrong


This is here because this forum is where you call individual posters out.

Skald, you were pitted here: because he keeps opening rape threads and is obsessed with rape and child abuse.

I actually disagreed with that assessment of you.

But, the fifth link in that thread was: wherein you asked about the percentage of men who would rape under ideal circumstances.

A disturbing question, but very interesting.

However, the opening line of your OP is “This thread is suggested by a disturbing remark made in a support group I occasionally attending the real world.”.

Now, I know you are writing a book, you’ve referenced it before.

I know you try and do research for that book.

I also know that this is a hell of a leap, and I really hope that I am wrong.

So my question to you is simply this: Are you attending a support group for rape victims in order to do research for your book?

Are Skald’s PMs not working or something? :confused:

Or, if PMs are not your thing, why couldn’t you have bumped the original thread about this whole matter?

And, purely as a question for the sake of clarity, what exactly would the problem be if he did? The OP certainly thinks it to be something horrific and IMO should have stated it directly.

Oh, and that makes another thread on rape! Hide your orifices, for the dawn of the Avatar of Rape is upon ye.

Maybe the support group has nothing to do with rape at all. Maybe that comment was made in conversation with another member of kryptonite kleptomaniacs.

Most, if not all, support groups like this* wouldn’t allow an outsider to come in and take notes/research. I know Nicole Kidman was turned down when she asked to attend a loss-of-a-child support group to research “Rabbit Hole”.
*eta: if it was a rape survivor support group.

If he did, do you really think he’d say so? After already being the subject of another pitting?

I agree that his rape fixation is getting to be annoying, but this is just overkill.

Why is this a pit thread?

You think there is a real actual book being written?

Nah, he’s just going to start a Fight Club.

Who the fuck cares?

Dear Laudenum,

You are very, very wrong.


Ok. Is that it now then?

And your kids. And your wife.

What an interesting post.

Because the PTB refuse to start a rape forum.

You get a cookie.

It’s none of your business or ours what support groups he attends, and for what reasons.

Husbands too?


No idea whether Skald the Monomanic is trolling support groups for material for his Big Book of Hypothetical Rapes, but that “e” in “laudanum” is very, very wrong.

You guys got it all wrong.

He aint trolling other support groups. He is going to one himself. I’ll let you guess which one :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to grease the cats ass.