Skald the Rhymer -- could you slow down a little please?

You’ve started 30 threads in the last two weeks (cite).

Could you give someone else a chance to start a thread or two, esp. in Cafe Society?


His threads are interesting, and lead to decent discussions. He’s hardly trolling, so let him contribute.

If someone has a thread to post, how is he stopping them?

What, you’ve never tried to start a thread and gotten the old “Thread Starting Quota Exceeded” message?

He/She definately has a lot on his/her mind these days, that’s for sure, but it’s hard to get mad at that kind of enthusiasm. They are pretty decent threads.


Okay, criticism withdrawn – guess my crankiness is less focussed today than I realized. Just had kind of a “geez louise” moment when I went to Cafe Society and four threads in a row were started by him/her.

Skald – my apologies for taking my bad mood out on you.

I’m actually on board with this, a little. Definitely needs to switch to decaf. :wink:

I believe that Skald the Rhymer was formally known as Faboulous Creature, IIRC? :confused:

Perhaps – would that make a difference?

Hmmm. I wonder how this is related to the monetary value of dried leaves of Camellia sinensis in the land of Confucius.

Well, considering that a lot of people were saying how they liked Fabulous Creature, and sending warm thoughts and encouragement for them to get better not all that long ago… I felt it was pertinent.

I’ll admit to having thoughts along the line of “Not every thought you have needs to go into a new thread this week, does it?”

That said the threads in question seem to be mostly interesting/inspiring comments from other people, so pointing out the enthusiasm for new threads seemed a little harsh. (This is an explanation of why I haven’t started a thread like this, not a criticism of twickster for doing so).

I like all his threads, they’re fun. I don’t want fun-thread-starting people to quit. Then we won’t have any fun threads (duh). Matter of fact, I think everybody in this thread should start a fun thread.

You just made my head hurt. Quit that.

I will postpone the ingestion of aspirin, however, to say that in general I enjoy Skald the Rhymer’s threads, whether or not he is or was fabulous or a creature.

You’re a good egg.

It’th jutht that thith ith thuch a great plathe one ith overcome with exthuberanthe.

I am going thtwait to thpelling Hell for that.

Agreed. I don’t particularly remember his incarnation as Fabulous Creature - the name sounds familiar but I haven’t noticed him much until pretty recently. But everything I’ve seen has been interesting or well thought out. I have trouble with people who start lots of useless threads, but I haven’t seen Skald doing that.

Incidentally, twickster, you can’t really link to search results. Or at least the links wear out in a couple hours.

Oops. Sorry. Did not know that. It was just a link to his/her profile, “see all threads started by…”

Motherfucking horseshit! What kind of a shit-for-brained waste of skin is this fuckhole? He’s dribbling all over the fucking board like a goddamned syphilitic pig with diarrhea!

Wooop. I see on preview that no one else is getting on board with this pitting

Never mind! Love ya!

Apologies and pleases? This is the PIT! Unleash some vitriol!