Skateboarder jumps Great Wall of China

Which is neat … but what really amazed me is that China’s government has a Minister of Extreme Sports! Those crafty commies. They’re always one step ahead…


been there, done that :wink:


My question is: Why?

Because it was there?

for fame and glory, too.


(And thank you a million times for not writing like this: ": last spring my friends and I went on a tour we had a sponsor Trickless Snowboards and they sent us to cool places like Kenosha and Detroit and then we went to China where I jumped THE WALL DUDE!!! my friends were like that is so bad dude that is phat and I’m all like yeah so I wrote this song " on The SDMB. You are a gentleman and a scholar. :smiley: )


yeah well, there’s a long story behind that, but the short version is: I play to my audience. I love my fans! :wink: