You closed my thread in MPSIMS stating that if people wanted the free porn they only had to email me.

You had no right to do this.

By closing the thread you ensure that it eventually vanishes from that forum meaning that my offer also vanished.

Now I don’t know what your stance is on porn and quite frankly I don’t care but you overstep your bounds as a mod by closing my thread, over 200 people have mailed me asking for my links and I have little doubt that more will do so until the thread vanishes

Re-open the thread there’s a good chappie

Perhaps you should start your own porn site.

I’m not in it for money

That thread contributed nothing to the board but a load on its servers. And I don’t have anything against free porn. Why don’t you just make your sig say “E-mail me for free porn?” We don’t need content-free threads clogging up the forums.

Heh, that’s what they all say…

A load on its servers? you must be kidding me.

My think on the matter is that SkipMagic for reasons best known to himself climbed on his moral horse

Skip is trying to raise the intellectual level of the board, some Web award he’s shooting for.

Full answer: Skip worried that a thread basically declaring to the world that Dopers are too stupid to find their own porn on the internet would not reflect well on himself. Can’t say I blame him.

Well back in the day by golly, we kept our porn collection under the mattress, and we liked it!


Between this and my last closed thread, I think the mods are cracking down on risque threads or something.

Maybe so but I never posted anything on THIS board that transgressed rules.

All I said was that I had found free porn and if anyone wanted the links they only had to email me.

I fail to see why SKIP closed it. :confused:

Well, I can’t speak for SkipMagic, but every time I saw the title of that thread, my banning finger twitched.

“A thread in MPSIMS titled ‘Free Porn’–Aha! A spammer! Die, spammer, die!”

“Oh, wait, it’s just chowder.”

I mean, you’re lucky one of us didn’t delete your thread, ban your account, upload a virus to your computer, and crash all your bank accounts and credit cards just by sheer reflex.

Speaking of thread closings worthy of pitting. I hadn’t the time to find it before it was gone. And the answer… GOD IN HELL NO.

I’ve seen them do it. Nasty bastards those mods are.

That’s generous and all, Chowder, but kind of reminds me of the time I was in Jamaica when about 4 days into the trip, my buddy told us he had indeed found a guy willing to sell us weed. Um, the pilot tried to sell me weed while he was landing the plane coming in dude.

OMG! Maybe GuynBlueJeans has gotten to Skipmagic!

Skip’s fast this morning. I had a closed thread as the very first reply.

Closing a thread that was little more than an advertisement to have people e-mail you for a link to free porn? And with a good number of the posts essentially saying, “Hey, I e-mailed you for some free porn”? I believe I can drum up a right in there somewhere.

We don’t prohibit discussions of porn–as a simple search for threads with “porn” in the title will reveal–nor do I personally care whether you or anyone else watches porn (or whether that very porn involves horses, moral or not), but your thread was not a discussion of porn. It was, simply, a request for people to contact you. So, with limited participation (you may have had 200 people e-mailing you, but few were posting to the thread, and those that did, for the most part, jumped in to make a one-time request for the porn), I closed it.

And just to clarify, now that I see you’re here, this was a compliment.

You are sadly mistaken.

Nowhere in the thread did I request people to mail me, nowhere at all.

I said if they wished they could, and a fair number did.

It matters not if they told me in the thread that they’d mailed me, this is irrelevant.
They chose to do that or they chose not.

Moreover my thread was in no way an advertisement, I posted no direct links to any sites.

I still maintain you were trigger happy in closing the thread.

As for MEB stating that I was lucky a virus wasn’t uploaded to my PC or my bank/credit cards accounts being crashed out of reflex, well I find this statement from a mod quite startling

Hi! I speak Brreetish! This is what we call a joke, my friend.

(I’m messin’ with you. I think he was too. The thread title was pretty bannable on its face, though I’m sure you had good intentions. I’m not a mod at all and I wondered why it was on the front page until I noticed an established username underneath.)