Six Degrees of ... Moderation

This thread has been closed.

I would like to thank SkipMagic for being a whiny, over-sensitive, moderating nazi. Just as the thread had been bumped alive, along comes some whinging momma’s boy to close it. I see the sense-of-humour removal works on your elavation to the dizzying, jack-booted hights of moddom. Just as I had posted some choice rants against Askia amongst others. Way to go misery boy.

Aren’t the nights drawing in?

Geez, it went on to 11 pages and devolved into a discussion about eating animals. Sounds to me like it needed to be closed.

This rates about an 87 on the Lame-O meter.

One post out of 536 about eating animals. Jeez are your reading skills in need of some serious revision.

Okay, so I didn’t read it that closely the first time. Next time I’ll read it more closely, but you’ll still be a whining little bitch.

I would like to thank the OP for drawing our attention to nothing of significance. I’d like to, but I can’t. Sorry.

Hi. Notorious Nik here, longetime lurker. I read (most of) the thread in question. Great stuff, funny as hell. But for crying out loud, the thing was eleven pages! I’d say it went on long enough. I see, however, that you apear to be more angry about the fact that you didn’t have time to get your clever shots in before the lock. Well damn for all of us. If they were half as witty and amusing as your OP was, they would only have been half as good as a self important, ego driven crybaby’s rant that his funny words never got the chance to see an audience.

In summary, shut the hell up.

So you’re saying Skipmagic’s related to Kevin Bacon?

rayh. Those were rants? Seriously? :smiley:

I think it is necessary that we take note of rayh’s characterizion of those posts in full. Specifically, he labeled them “choice” rants, but failed to specify what kind of choice. And of course, one is capable of making poor choices.

Would moddom care for some more tea?

Uncle Beer. Such modesty. I’d grade his efforts at least “dirt-poor” and concievably even “piss-poor sorry-ass embarassingly lame”. rayh has the will but not the talent for truly inspired invective abuse.

He called me a Nazi. Personally, I think he’s barking up the wrong twee.

You know, I was going to throw some twee out there, I really was. But then I thought is was sooooo last tweek.

Moddom, eh? Isn’t that right down the street from Gasorrah?

I wish people would stop englishifying the american language.

Actually, we do not take the name of Mod, just the job description. Skipmagic is still hight Skip.

This thread offends me, I request that it be closed.

Mswas’ request offends me; I request that the thread remain open.

All of you offend me. I request that the door be closed as it is letting all of the heat out.