This Year's Model, why?

Not that I’m trying to Pit you or anything, but this thread has to go here.

I just wanted to know why my thread here was closed. We weren’t discussing anything illegal or against board policies, and there were no warnings or anything beforehand.


It looks to me like people were simply not observing the two clicks rule about NSFW links.

Yes, there was:

Scott Plaid is correct, I’ll wager.

Y’know if you don’t want to possibly see NSFW links perhaps you should avoid threads about porn rental. The two click rule, in my opinion, is retarded. If someone can’t take heed of well marked warnings its their own damn fault. If they get fired at work for looking at NSFW links thats also their own damn fault.

If you hadn’t, I was going to start this thread myself, chaoticbear.

ONE person broke the rule, in the only post they made in the thread. The rest of us were behaving perfectly, and I was hoping that a couple of people would get a chance to reply to some questions I’d asked.

When the people who are actively participating in a thread are following the rules and being as tactful as possible, it’s not fair to immediately close it because one numbnuts comes in and screws up. I fully agree with the rule, but Eleusis should have been warned (and I wager that he/she would have also been reprimanded by those of us who were trying to have a conversation). The entire thread shouldn’t have been shut down.

:dubious: I bekieve the RULE is nothing that could be considered pornographic should be linked. NSFW has many meanings. And should be prefaced with a warning, but we’re not banned from linking just because it MIGHT be NSFW.

And beyond that there was ONE link. To a (rather amusing) joke site. That was not pornogaphic though it was NSFW. That was not directly related to the OP. He could have disabled the link. I don’t see any reason to closes the thread. (And no, “ick” is not a good reason.)

That Rent-A-Dildo site was a joke, right?


I most certainly hope not. Mmm, used dildos. (::squick::slight_smile:

There’s sure been a lot of seat-of-their-pants moderating lately. I understand that we’ve seen a number of new moderators recently, and so many of them haven’t developed their own policies yet, but closing a thread because one person linked somewhere that’s NSFW (and what, someone’s going to click on the link to rent-a-dildo dot com because they were confused and thought the term referred to Japanese flower arranging?) is ridiculous.

Clearly a bad decision. Just didn’t make sense.

Answered in Eleusis’s thread, which I saw first.

Well, since fluiddruid made the incomprehensible decision to close the thread with the discussion going on (discussion stimulated by This Year’s Model’s having posted his response there), I’ll repeat over here what I said.

Well, Excalibre, since you decided to post here about my decision before allowing me a response to your e-mail, let me post publicly so that you might comprehend:

1.) This thread was the older. One thread on the front page per topic is enough, and I don’t want to encourage people to start a second thread to get the first one closed.

2.) This thread was started by the OP of said closed thread.

3.) As you have done, it is easy to post a link and/or quote to any comments you wish to from the other thread.

Besides, I needed one more stamp on my Annoy Pitizens moderator rewards card to redeem for frequent flyer miles.

See I would have expected this from Tuba, thanks for letting us know just what kind of mod you will be. A little snippy for my taste. YMMV

That would be my call. Usually sites that say, on their “Free Trial!” page, “Beta Test Currently in Progress! Though we are not yet signing up paying customers, we are testing the service with a limited number of beta users. Use the form below to get updates on when the service officially launches!” are a joke.

I’d love to know what happens if you send them an e-mail addy, though… :smiley:

Well, since the other thread is closed, I might as well repost my reply to **Excalibre **here.

Sure it does. Piss-fucking-poor judgement.

But I guess we should be happy we’re being so diligently protected against NSFW content. Things have been getting really out of control over on the Nicktoons message boards, and the Care Bear forums are in a board war with some Furries. I want my Internet carefully sanitized, vacuum-packed, and delivered to me in easily-digestable Gerber-like spoonfuls.

= =

And, fluiddruid, as long as you’re talking about reading comprehension, did you miss this?

You fucking dick.

So it wasn’t the link to the dildo site that was the problem as you didn’t edit the post to change the link.

You just went “ick” and closed the thread because of 1 post that maybe could send the thread in a way you didn’t want it to go???

You were the next poster in the thread. You got there 6 minutes after the post for fuck sake. How about just warning people not to go a certain way in your form? Why shut the thing down?

Judgement call, my arse. Bad call, plain and simple.

Threads should be allowed to flow and continue until the rules have been broken or they are gone beyond help. That thread was neither.

Who’s the dick now? fluiddruid or This Year’s Model? They’re both new, they’re both doing dumb things, but personally I reserve the genital comparisons for cases of deliberate malice. fluiddruid closed the other thread and apparently thinks it was the correct decision; I think it’s obvious to the rest of us that it wasn’t (social engineering concerns about not wanting to “encourage” bad behavior are silly; when there’s two threads on a topic, it’s bizarre to close the active one. Doubly so when another mod had posted in it in order to clarify the reasons for his actions.) fluiddruid wasn’t being a dick - what’s that old saying about attributing things to malice that can be explained by stupidity? Let’s just hope that this stupidity was momentary.

This Year’s Model’s decision to close the other thread, though, is inexplicable as far as I’m concerned. The subject matter had not changed - one humorous aside does not constitute a wholesale shift in the topic of discussion. And even if it had, the thread had certainly not devolved into wholesale rule-breaking. What seemed to be an interesting discussion was completely cut off preemptively, in order to ensure that it couldn’t turn into something else. Obviously an irrational concern - since threads move from topic to topic like feathers floating in the wind in crappy, artistically-bankrupt movies, the logical outcome of This Year’s Model’s reasoning would close every thread as soon as it starts.

Bad decision, This Year’s Model. I hope this represents a single error in judgment rather than a signal of what’s to come.

[li]The thread had been dead for a week before it was bumped.[/li][li]The thread required intensive baby-sitting.[/li][li]The link was not the problem. The change of subject was the problem.[/li][li]Closing the thread was a proactive measure to keep the thread from causing problems.[/li][li]It is not required that rules be broken to close a thread.[/li][li]It was a judgement call.[/li][/ul]
You may disagree with my judgement, but it is *my[/] judgement, and that is what I use, not yours.

Look, some of y’all are trying me on because I’m new, some of y’all are trying me because you don’t like me, some of you are honestly bewildered at why I closed the thread.

I’ve answered the latter, and I shan’t bother to deal with the whining quibbles of the first two categories.

I don’t care that you’re new at being a mod, and I don’t know you well enough to like or dislike you, so I’m in the “honestly bewildered” camp. I don’t feel that your reasons are good enough. I know it doesn’t matter what I think, but this is the place to bitch about stuff like this, so I’m gonna. Also, at this point I’m less concerned with the thread in question than with the precedent you’re setting.

Irrelevant. Week-old threads are hardly zombies, and lots of threads ebb and flow without being shut down.

Irrelevant. Unfortunately, there are going to be threads that require some careful watching: it’s part of your job. Plus, the thread was only 16 posts long! If the number/pace of replies had picked up considerably or something, maybe then I could see a valid reason for preemptively closing the thread; keeping an eye on a thread that never had more than 6 posts in 24 hours hardly strikes me as “intensive.”

One off-topic post does not a change of subject make.

But even if the subject had changed, so what? Are you going to close every thread whose subject makes you uncomfortable? It seems quite clear that this is something you were uncomfortable with personally, not because of anything related to being a mod. Way to censor the forum to your liking. If this is not, in fact, what happened, I think it would be good (for us and you) if you would explain further. Because right now, it looks a hell of a lot like “hmm, I happen to dislike that topic, so I think I’ll shut down the thread.”

Shit, if that were a valid reason for closing a thread we’d see a lot more closures! The response rate was low, and the thread probably would have died out on its own pretty soon. Why couldn’t you have just waited it out? At least for longer than 6 whole minutes?

No, but generally “ick” isn’t considered a good enough reason.

Who would those be? Dude, I don’t know you from Adam. I’m just peeved when I see an interesting thread get closed. Especially when there’s no reason for it.

I’m sorry, though, that “babysitting threads” is such a trial for you. That’s got to make moderating rather tough sometimes.