SkipMagic to be suspended for a week?

Hee hee.

From this thread:

at 11:45 a.m.

at 12:01 p.m.

Cut and dried, my friends. Cut and dried.


All times PDT.

ducks and covers :smiley:

Well, you see, it was really an accusation of being a repeat guest, which is a no-no, but which isn’t a sock or a troll.

:scrapes and bows like the toadie he is:

Haha. Suspend yourself, Magic Man!

Realizing the ironclad logic you presented in your post, I went ahead and suspended myself. But, then, after a minute or two of deep thought, I also realized that I was a dashing fellow who brought cheer and happiness into the world; so, I extended my hand in mercy and unsuspended myself.

It’s quite possible my riveting and heartfelt story will be on Oprah next week. In preparation, I plan on getting all gussied-up by buying a watch from Hermes.

Are you going to go and jump all over the couch, too?

Let him take his anti. . .

Sorry, I’m speaking too loudly.

[sub]Let him take his anti-depressants first. . .[/sub]


And how did you unsuspend yourself whilst you were suspended ???

Bippy, that’s the Magic of Skip!!

I’m guessing that’s classified.

I would’ve loved to have been there while SkipMagic was explaining this to the other moderators …



So his suspension has been suspended?

While this is fun and all, it really belongs in the Pit because, wackily enough, it’s a (tongue-in-cheek) comment on a Mod action. Unfortunately, even I, twee as I am, can’t justify moving such a silly thread to the Land of Hot Sauce and Volcanoes.

So, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to close it before I end up doing something kooky and suspending myself again. :stuck_out_tongue: