Why was I suspended?

Can someone point out to me very specifically what was the personal insult and what was the moderator instruction I failed to follow?

Because I cannot see it.

In this thread - which incidentally contained your last posts prior to this one - You continued playing with the “Regards, Shodan” thing after being told not to and then told SkipMagic “You can take your warning and stuff it. You can take your warning and stuff it,” and then in the next post, “Oh, and you can stuff your threats as well.”

Mystery solved?

That sounds like he was being disrespectful and rude, but I don’t see the “personal insult”.

I believe TubaDiva was referring to the “Shitdan” thing in the OP, or she may have meant a separate warning sailor received a few days earlier.

EDIT: In either case, the basis of the suspension was obvious. I don’t think anybody will be shocked to learn that if you get warned and tell a moderator “stuff it” a couple of times, you’ll end up taking a break from the boards.


But I think if an admin bans someone and give specific reasons, they should be honest reasons.

She should have just said “for being a disrespectful jerk”.

sailor was admonished, although I don’t think he got a formal warning, for insults in Great Debates on June 21, which was a few days before he was suspended. This is probably what TubaDiva meant.

Describing the post as dishonest could also be construed as being a disrespectful jerk.

Since you aren’t really sure either, I guess we have to wait and see what TubaDiva says.

A link to the post I mentioned. It’s from about two weeks prior to sailor’s suspension.

Well, there you go.

Wasn’t that easy?

Once I figured out what to search for, it was. I trust you’ll be apologizing to TubaDiva for saying she was being dishonest?

That issue was resolved with Gfactor rescinding what he said to me so I can’t see how it applies.

It seems Gfactor and I managed to communicate and resolve things without problem until some other mod decided to swing his dick around.

Where’s the insult?

No. Not at all.

No warning was issued and I responded

It seems tomndebb managed to handle the situation pretty well without need to make a mountain out of a molehill as was done here. In any case, no warning was issued so I can’t see how I was suspended over this at all.


SkipMagic warned you for it. Which you knew, because you then told him “stuff it,” twice, the end result being a vacation for you.

The link is in post 8. You were admonished, and not warned, for calling somebody an idiot in Great Debates. It didn’t lead immediately to the suspension but it was included anyway.

I still can’t find any valid reason for my suspension and I am pissed off that I got this condescending message

So I am on the fast track for being banned? Now, isn’t that precious?

And I was suspended without notice or opportunity to discuss the issue and was even denied access to read the boards during the suspension.

Fuck that.

This has to be the lamest explanation since the butthurt incident.

You were warned for violating the rules, and twice told the moderator to take his warning and stuff it. You thought the consequence for that was going to be what, exactly? You’re entitled to your opinion that it’s a bullshit rule, and you’re even provided with a forum to say so, but if you don’t follow it, them’s the breaks.

SkipMagic advised you to stop it or you would be suspended or banned and you told him “you can stuff your threats.” The idea that you didn’t get notice is a flat-out lie.

One might say that’s all the more reason not to get suspended for repeatedly breaking the rules.

Violating what rule?

I was told I was suspended for insults. What insults?

It seems to me this is just another case of making up ex post facto rules as wanted.

In other words, like bullshit. Once more.

IANAMorA, but it seems foolish to come back from a suspension and then seemingly pick right up where you left off. If I were you I’d just admit you might have been acting suspend-worthy last time you were here, swallow your pride, and let it drop/go. Just MHO.

ETA: Hate to see anyone banned over a small thing.

ETA: Or, on preview, nevermind. : p

This board is regressing to the point where it is being run like an elementary school. Well, I am sorry but I have no interest in playing the role of a submissive elementary school pupil of 60 years ago.

How many times do you want me to link to the same thread, sailor?