sailor: biggest piece of shit on the board

Turds don’t get any bigger than this. I’d very much like the opportunity to discuss his mental depravity with him IRL.

There are lots of daughters here. Some of you are one, you have one or you’re married to one. Here’s what sailor said after reading in my profile that I too have a daughter I love.

Okay, so he’s vile scum. Can a mod tell me why all he gets is a warning? Scumbags that come here and make disgusting comments about the families of posters they disagree with have no place here. Anywhere really, but here’s a start.

sailor needs to be banned. His ass kicked really, but a ban is a good start.

Chinese rover soft-lands on the Moon - ???

What the hell happened in that thread?

No clue. The only time I remember seeing him before was when he became insulting in this thread.

Perhaps well deserved bitch slaps hurt his feelings.

Beyond that, I’ve got no idea. Guy has some problems. But he deals with them totally inappropriately.

Seriously though, we condone people going through profiles and posting insulting comments about our families now?

If there’s any truth to what he said, then he’s an asshole and a creep.

If there isn’t (and I don’t believe there is), he’s an asshole and an idiot.

He got a warning, what more do you want? If he gets more, he’ll be banned, as you desire. You don’t ban people here for a single indiscretion.

How does “give a warning” = “condone” anyway? Just because it’s not as severe as you were hoping?

I love my daughters too. But, that insult is pretty lame and unimaginative, and I doubt it would enrage me. Please note however, that authough I never took note of Sailor before, and I certainly am not defending his insulting behavior.

Seriously, what the hell?

I’d ask you if you would ever engage in such behavior but I’ve known you to be a decent poster so surely that would be a no. Some offenses though are egregious enough that it should only take one. If you have a problem with what someone said you attack the post and not the poster, right? What about when you skip both and wallow in the barrel bottom?

Perhaps he’s a Chinese scientist and was personally offended at the “[China] made great strides in stealing technology in the decades since” comment.

You would think a post as nasty as that would merit deletion. I kind of wish the mods would remove truly offensive posts, or put them in some kind of hidden archive-of-ugliness to retain evidence of misbehavior without have to subject the rest of us to it.

On a board filled with people like Terr, Der Trihs, adaher and others, you think he rates that high? :dubious:

Sailor was way out of line. I don’t think your daughter’s boyfriend is a loser.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Seriously, after reading your post and the link, I thought I must have came in on act II. I went back to read the entire thread. There was nothing to provoke this comment. And even if there was, there was no justification for that response. Yes, he is lower than whale shit.
Thirteen years of schooling and they put him on the day shift.

He also just got a warning in another thread. Maybe he’s flaming out?

Yeah, he’s a creep. He’s got a weird fixation with Americans, and will pop into any thread to remind everyone how much he hates them. Sort of a reverse American exceptionalism thing, I guess. Can’t figure out what prompted that comment to lieu though. That came out of left field.

There’s a whole gulf of difference between political assholery and the type of personal attack on a family member exhibited by sailor in that thread.

He’s definitely got an anti-American fixation (not as crazy as Der, but still pretty obsessive sometimes), but he can also be a thought full poster. No idea WTF was up in the thread linked in the OP. :eek:

Hope he doesn’t flame out, but he got another warning today so he’s definitely headed that way if he doesn’t get under control. :frowning:

Agreed. What Sailor did was far more comparable to making physical threats against a poster(though not quite on that level).

Also, not for nothing but how did such a comment come up on such a mundane thread title.

Hey, now, don’t get him too mad at you. He might tell you you can keep the duck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, thanks. And, of course not.

I think the process just needs to play itself out.