Why was I suspended?

Thanks but no thanks. I do not admit I was acting “suspend-worthy”. Not at all. Not in the least.

What I admit is that a skipmagic came into the thread after all had been resolved and decided to nitpick a stupid little point and make a big issue out of it.

Yes, but in the end, it doesn’t matter, don’t you see?

You seem to be striking me right now as playing the part of a martyr. Why not come down off there, save your nails, and just let it go? Because as martyr-y as you’re about to become, in the end, I fear it’s just going to be: Sailor BANNED, and life goes on at the SDMB.

Not a martyr at all. I am defending my point of view. That’s all. If I am banned I will not feel sorry at all. There are plenty of places out there and, frankly, I am tired of this bullshit moderation that’s been going on for too long already.

Can you at least concede that, in their view, you were? It doesn’t really matter how you judge the situation; their sandbox, their rules, their choice of enforcement. Them’s the breaks.

(This sounds a bit insolent towards management, but isn’t intended that way. I think the case against **sailor **has been proven. Don’t suspend me!*)


See, you are smart! You can call a post bullshit, apparently. Mods do it and they wouldn’t break the rules so it seems you are golden!

Dude, get another cat! :wink:

No. I did not do anything to merit a warning or a suspension so I totally reject the notion of submissively just “accepting my punishment”. There were no insults and that incident in GD, which tomndebb wisely understood was just a mistake is now being used to justify this crap. It’s the old game of one mod making a booboo and then others circling the wagons and finding all sorts of contrived reasons. It is bullshit and they know it.

And I also reject the notion that this board is so valuable that I should just submissively accept the punishment. The value of this board to me is in the same measure that it values me. If the board is going to treat me like shit then the board to me is shit.

I’m not going to address any specifics in this post. However, it’s very, very rare that one mod or admin makes a decision to suspend or ban someone. The usual routine is for one (or more) person to bring up the issue, with examples (usually links to the posts in question), and state his/her views. Then other staff members examine the posts, examine the posting history for themselves, and discuss what can and should be done.

Any mod staff member can remove and ban an obvious spammer without discussion. If we suspend or ban a regular poster, though, we do discuss it first. It’s not one person acting unilaterally.

Denied access to read the boards? How does that happen?

It happens when a suspended poster who stays logged in does not remove the board’s cookie from their computer. The cookie says, “Remember me?”, and the board software says, “Yep, sure do.”

You were suspended for two things.

  1. personal insults
  2. ignoring moderator instructions

Personal insults include the “shitdan” crack, and others. This is certainly worth a moderator warning.

It turned into suspension when you told the moderators to stuff their warning.

Nobody is claiming that you insulted any moderator.

I don’t agree.

I suspect there are many who feel the same way.

Can we just cut to the banning already?

And while this may have technically “denied [him] access to read [sic] the boards *during ** the suspension,” from his posts elsewhere, I see he was able to get the cookie issue resolved within a few days. Glad you got that worked out sailor. :smiley:

Bbbbut you said my explanation was the lamest (or dumbest) since the butthurt incident. I’m already second worst (or lamest)? You’re too fickle for me. :wink:

*I assume by during, he means not “for the duration of,” but instead, “at some point in this time frame.” If he means the first, well, that’s not so, unless we assign an overly expansive meaning to “denied access.” “During” has both meanings: During Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster, so he must have used the term with the second sense in mind.

I’m almost afraid to ask this, but …

What was the butthurt incident?

Why start a thread saying “Ban me. Please ban me. Please, please, please, I insist on it, ban me.”?

The result is getting banned. You know that. You’re begging for it. Why not just walk away?

I don’t get the Internet. :confused:

Warning to Sapo about using “butthurt” as a threat
Ensuing Pit thread

Happy reading.

Where’s my knife…

Only from the point of view of those who insist on acting like children.

I do not remember ever interacting with you. Why do you feel the need to attack me here? Are you trying to score asskissing points?

With your history of meltdowns and mental instability on this board it seems you would be better served by STFU because, while a few might be glad to see me go, I have no doubt more people would be glad to see you go.

You earned both, all by your lonesome. The insult was mangling another user’s name into “shitdan”; the suspension was a result of telling us to take our warnings and stuff them. You don’t want to play by the rules here, fine, you don’t have to post. But as long as you do post here, you will confine your insults to the Pit or you will end up without any posting privileges at all.