Why was I suspended?

What’s your hurry? You never heard of foreplay?

And I reject that. It is clear for anyone with two brain cells, from the context and from my clarification, that it was not meant as an insult and that it was not an insult. The thread was not in any way about that poster and it was totally a side issue so it would not make any sense for it to be intended as an insult. Nobody took issue with that until you had to come in and piss on a technicality. My cat could moderate better than that.

You can reject it all you’d like, but frankly, the only person who’s swallowing your story is you.

Your cat, however, is welcome to fill out an application. We promise not to hold his roommate against him.

sailor: For years there has been a rule that it is not acceptable to alter a poster’s name. I don’t know if the rule is written down (I could check the rules, but I don’t feel like it), but it exists. Changing names used to be common, but then we were notified that it would no longer be tolerated.

Now, I haven’t read the thread in question. You may have not intended to insult. But you did. That in itself isn’t a big issue. You get a warning, and you don’t do it again. But then you told the Mod to ‘stuff it’. This is not the correct response to a Mod Warning. If you disagree, then go offline to discuss it.

I think you and I have disagreed on some things. I think we have agreed on others. I’m not one who wants to see you gone. But your current course of action will have that result.

Try to understand the Mod’s point of view. (They’ve pointed out the name-changing offense, and your rather abrasive response to the warning.) You don’t have to agree with it, but you should understand it.

And then let it go. The only outcome if you persist in your course will be that you will be banned. This may be what you want. Now. But you might change your mind later.


Some people just never learn.

What attack? As you say, we’ve never interacted. Personally I don’t care if you are banned or not.

Okay, NOW I care.

You may be surprised to learn that you’re not allowed to insult other posters in ATMB. Don’t do this again.

Comedy Lawrencium

sailor. C’mon. I like you, man. This is the oldest trick in their book. Don’t fall for it. They get you on nothing and wait for you to fight it knowing that you will make some real offense at it. Then they get for that one and the old bull is forgotten. Stop now.

Plus, telling TPTB to stuff it (twice) is a sure way to get suspended/banned. You knew that. Grab that cat and a laser pointer and step away from the computer. Don’t worry, playing with him is not the same as child abuse, no matter what some people say.

'Bye, sailor.


It has been a long time since I was surprised by anything around here so I am not surprised to see posters can come in asking for my banning and I am not allowed to remind one of his colorful posting history.

Johnny L.A. and **Sapo **, thank you for your kind and reasonable words.

Fair point. Peter Morris, you can stop this tangent also.

I didn’t ask for his banning.

As for tangents, everything I said was in direct response to points raised by the OP.

And this is legit?

Oh, Shodan’s just quoting that back to sailor. It’s one of the nice things sailor said that led to his suspension.

Oh, that’s alright then. So long as goading is no longer considered ‘trolling.’ Or in Shodan’s words: “I forgot. It’s always different when someone else does it.”

Actually, I don’t think this is appropriate. This isn’t the Pit, and I don’t see how goading contributes anything to the thread. If you want to add something worthwhile to the thread, please do so; otherwise, let’s leave out the taunts and the pushes for sailor (or any user–doesn’t matter who it is) to cross the line.

Might wanna send a memo to your co-admin, then.

I guess you can always insult yourself.