Skunk Odor

What is the best way to rid your house of skunk odor? The skunk has been humanely trapped in a cage and released into the wild (far away from our house). We have aired out the house by opening all the windows. What is the best way to actually clean out the lingering odor?

From Chemistry of Skunk Spray:

They give recipes here.

There’s a product called “Nature’s Miracle” which can be obtained at many pet supply stores. I used it to rid my last apartment of a severe attack of skunkitis not so long ago.

Plain old “Nature’s Miracle” is supposedly for urine and things like that (it’s great for housebreaking accidents) - they have a special formula just for skunk odor, but double check the label to make sure it’s not just an over-priced version of their regular product (much like “Excedrin”/“Excedrin Migraine”).

Thank you for the advice. You’ve been most helpful. Well, I’m off to go do some shopping now.