Sky Captain director -- Princess of Mars next?

Nothing final. Hard to say how good he would be for PofM without seeing Sky Captain (or for that matter even if SC goes well doesn’t mean PofM would…)

Maybe he will specialize in “pulp” movies.


Huh. I’d heard Robert Rodriguez was set to direct it, but your second link says he resigned from DGA and is thus now ineligible.

Anyone know why he resigned?

Basically he wanted to share credit on “Sin City”, but the DGA sez that there is only one director for a film. Rather than taking all the credit (or none I guess), he resigned from the DGA.


I don’t get it. Animated films have co-directors all the time. Don’t people like the Farrelly Brothers co-direct? Am I missing something here?

Even NON animated films can have multiple directors – the Coen brothers have done quite well for themselves. I don’t get what the problem is.

No idea. I thought maybe the Coen bros weren’t DGA but apparently they are.

Hah! found it:

There you go. They got waivers beacause they are a “bona fide team”.
I couldn’t find anything about animation, but didn’t try too hard.


How stupid. Things like that should be guidelines, not absurdly restrictive rules.

I think all the Coen Brothers films just list Joel as director, and Ethan as the producer.

Anyway, director notwithstanding, I’m very interested to see a John Carter movie, and I just hope they manage to capture the spirit of the books.