Skynet realized that it was in trouble....

…if Gray Davis was allowed to remain in office. His fiscal policies would result in their parent company expiring before the system achieved self-awareness. None of the other candidates in the recall election had any credibility. So it sent yet another Terminator into the past. But instead of killing Davis, which would too greatly distort the path of history, this one was yje experimental T=X-Pol political model, equipped with extra charisma and empathy. The first thing it did, on arriving in the past, was make a name for itself in body-building films and contests. It then garnered name recognition and popularity by making a string of films (including the prophetically-named Total Recall) before establishing itself as a candidate…

I wouldn’t want Arnold in politics either Cal. :wink:

Of course! It all makes sense now!

He’s The Running Man - " A game nobody survives… but Schwarzenegger has to play."

(Actual tagline from a poster advertising that film; swiped shamelessly from the paper this morning.)

I think our only hope is to get Michael J. Fox to run against him, with Christopher Lloyd on the ticket.
(Hey, I forgot part of the plan – the cyborg marries into a powerful political family, too!)