Skype on an MS-Surface

Has any Doper successfully installed Skype on an Surface (Win-10). Vacationing in Barbados with my nearly new MS-Surface, I tried to install Skype a couple days ago. Everything went well until I gave it my UID and Password. It then began to load my Skype profile and stalled at 40% of the profile loaded. If I exit reload, the signon screen is all grayed out. If I send to Skype for help with signon, it signs on but shows the same 40% profile loaded. No phone book, no phone icon to dial by hand.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the program; same result. Finally, I tried help and spent an hour and a half this morning on live chat with a Skype technical support person. She had me uninstall and reinstall the program. Same result. In the end she just gave up and said I should contact MS because the problem appeared to be with the Surface. I thought I would try TSD first.

I just installed and logged into my old Skype account on my Surface Pro 3, running Windows 10. Works fine. Which Surface model do you have?

I don’t know. It just says Surface on the outside. The model seems to be Surface Pro as far as I can tell.

Which version of Skype? The Surface may have come with a Windows-8 full-screen version of Skype. If so, that version has been discontinued and no longer supported. You need to download and install the standard “desktop” version of Skype.

Anyway, if it’s running Windows-10, it’s either a Surface Pro or a Surface 3. (The first generation Surface ran Windows-RT, and cannot be upgraded to Windows-10.) In which case it’s probably not a Surface-specific problem. Google for generic Skype problems. For example, this discussion seems to report a problem similar to yours, and suggests an expired copy of McAfee anti-virus software may cause this type of problem.

The Dope strikes again! Yes, I deleted the crapware McAfee that came with my computer and now Skype is installed!

Damn, you guys are good!