Sleaze or stoolie: Which is worse for Jesse Jackson Jr's future?

Coming out about his federal-informant status at this time was the only way he could avoid getting his reputation besmirched in connection with the Blagojevich scandal. But, after this, how can he ever expect any other pol to trust him, or trade favors with him?! Has he just committed career suicide?

I doubt anyone would hold tattling about Blagojevich against him. I daresay politicians might think “Yeah, but I’m not corrupt. He won’t do anything about me.”

Yeah, but apparently he’s been passing info to the Feds for ten years.

I daresy they would ask themselves, not, “Am I corrupt?” but “Have I done anything, or might I wish to at some time in the future, that might conceivably be of interest to the Feds?”

No body wants to be a career snitch. I wonder what the feds have on him ?

:rolleyes: Boy, he just can’t win, can he?

Do you have a citation for that?
Blago has been under investgation for three years and, depending when Jackson’s wife was passed over for the position of lottery director, Jackson could have been talking to the Feds for some number of “years.” but I have seen no claim in either linked report than mentions a ten year involvement.

Heard it on CNN, or thought I did; it’s not in this story.

So did I.

I suppose the mobsters in politics will regard him with contempt. I’m not bugged. The world needs police informants.

Is that the only reason YOU would ever report a crime?



So it appears that JJJ has been a federal informant for more than ten years, but only since 2006 with G-Rod.

Not at all. It may be that I have the wrong impression of what it means to be an FBI informant for ten years, but it suggests he’s been the go to guy to spy on various people and organizations for the FBI. Why would anyone subject themselves to that?

Subject themselves to what? What does it cost to be an honest citizen?

I doubt that 3-Jay is the only Congressman who talks to the feds.

You already know the answer to that. I’m not saying he did anything wrong but maybe dad did.

For a politician, the cost might (or might not) be his career; that is the point of this thread.

“I have been an informant to the Feds for 10 years”.

Sure to go over well in the black community.

And in Chicaco.

I dunno. He can campaign on his integrity, and efforts to bring down corrupt pols. Voters might like that.

Of course they will. The problem is that to get anything done once in office, he has to negotiate favor-trades with other politicians.

I am shocked and outraged that someone has been leaking information about corruption to the authorities, and for 10 years!

We’ve heard repeated references to how corrupt Illinois and Chicago politics are, since the Blago story broke.

If Jackson wants to change that, one of the ways is to alert the law enforcement agencies about possible episodes.