What's up with Jesse Jackson, Jr?

Jesse Jackson, Jr left on a medical leave June 25, 2012. Here is TPM’s take on it: http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/07/jesse_jackson_mystery.php

They are commenting on the “vague and sometimes anonymous statements to the media that hinted something more serious might be at play.”

He’s certainly not my favorite politician and seems to be too friendly with some decidedly crooked pols- the Blagojevich Senate seat sale, for example. But I am curious as to why he is missing. Most professional pols would better practiced at giving plausible excuses for their (mis)behavior. I expect that from him, at least. That way they won’t have to hire those expensive reputation correction experts.

So, a legit medical problem? Avoiding the cops? Is he in rehab? Gone to South America to meet a woman? Getting a new liver?

I can’t really imagine why they’d cover up a purely physical medical problem. And its hard to see how mysteriously dropping out of public view would help him with any legal or corruption issues.

I’m guessing mental health/drug problem.

Totally speculation, and my bet is on rehab. If it was a genuine illness, I truly believe the family would play it for all it’s worth. Not so much with a (my guess) coke addiction.

Hmm…apparently he was caught having an affair a few weeks ago. So I’m changing my vote to “mental breakdown due to his marriage falling apart”.

His office says it was exhaustion. She must have been insatiable!

Short of a drug addiction leading to eating the face off a goat one is fornicating with, I don’t see the need for such secrecy (and, just for the record, the goat comment was purely in jest, I see no evidence JJ Jr. fornicates with anyone/thing other than females of his own species).

Well, a complete mental breakdown of the sort that leaves one gibbering nonsense in a corner, perhaps, but those are exceedingly rare and you’d think he’d show some signs of mental instability prior to this if he was at all prone to such a thing.

The linked article does point out that Rep. Mark Kirk’s stroke has been remarkably public (while still keeping more icky details private). The contrast just makes the Jackson camp’s silence/secrecy all the more eyebrow-raising.

Reports are coming out that he’s at a rehab facility in Arizona being treated for alcoholism and drug addiction.

There are rumors that he tried to commit suicide. I don’t know their source so I can’t attribute any credibility to them. His family is denying them.

This afternoon his wife vehemently denied that he is being treated for substance abuse of any kind, saying that he is at an inpatient rehab facility for a “mood disorder”.

“Intensive medical treatment,” no less. Well, now that they’ve revealed the bare minimum amount of information and no specifics after a lot of questions, I’m sure this will go away. :wink:

The Good People of Chicago certainly wouldn’t stand for any kind of unseemly political goings-on!!!

Harrumph! Harrumph!

…I didn’t get a harrumph out of that guy!

According to this, Jackson aides have denied rumors connecting this to any drug addiction, alcholism, or suicide attempts. (What does that leave, I wonder? Jesse Jackson goes into the facility and Janine Jackson comes out? ;))

Rod Blagojevich: “Why didn’t I think of that?!?”

I am reminded of the Bloom County strip where Bill the Cat checked into rehab:

“Is he suffering from exhaustion? That’s a problem for many of our celebrity clients.”
“Booze… pills… a cocaine-blown brain…”
[Nurse writes on clipboard] “Exhaustion.”

Since when is gibbering nonsense an obstacle to a political career?

Today the word from his office is that he is being treated for a “mood disorder.” It’s interesting to me that his staff is apparently trying to stamp out rumors that he’s in rehab by using terminology that makes it sound like he’s bipolar.

Oh cool, someone started my “Let’s speculate wildly on wtf is going on with Jesse Jackson Jr” thread.

Gotta be it. This need for privacy seems bizarre for any physical ailment, plus they’re using suspiciously vague terms like “mood disorder,” not-so code words like “inpatient treatment,” and the biggest red flag of all, “exhaustion.”

Nationally, I don’t think his profile is that significant. However, the mystery around his disappearance is giving him a higher profile. I kind of think there’s something juicy going on. It’s not the malfeasance, it’s the cover up that always gets you…

Needless to say I am damn curious to know what’s up, and if he came out the day it went down and announced that he had a chemical dependency issue, I’d have totally forgotten about it by now…

So, it’s all a ploy to position JJJ for a presidential run in 2016? Devious bastard . . .

I’m disappointed in Emmanuel who today asked why Jackson should go back to Congress given the awful Republicans. Yes, why bother showing up for work to, you know, face the opposition and do your job. Trying to score points and deflect in the face of the obvious. Just say he is unwell and time will tell. A lack of class from an otherwise solid Mayor.