What's really going on with Jessee Jackson Jr.?

For those who haven’t heard, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) hasn’t been seen on Capital Hill for several weeks, and even his fellow Democrats are starting to ask “WTF?” At first, his staff said he was being treated for exhaustion, but the latest word is that he has a “mood disorder.”

Here’s where the floodgates of speculation open. Two rumors I’ve heard are that he’s in a drug rehab facility, and that he attempted suicide because he’s going to be indicted for corruption. (He is part of the Chicago political machine, so frankly an investigation is not unlikely.) What do you think is going on?

It does sound like a major corruption scandal is about to break. It makes sense that the DP wants to cover things up, being an election year.
The Rev. Jackson has been silent about the Martin-Zimmerman case…I wonder why?

There is a thread in Elections about this same subject…

You mean he got caught with his hand in the till (or an intern’s pants) and they staged this to distract? Maybe, but I would need to see more evidence. More likely he OD’ed on prescription drugs and/or nose candy, or got drunk and started a fight. And blamed it on the Jews.

IOW I bet the scandal was something he did because he was plastered and/or crazy.

We shall see, no doubt, as soon as the distinguished Congressman retires to spend more time with his family.


He’s Jesse Jackson’s son, what other reason does he need?