Sleeping Dogs. Anyone else playing this?

I picked this up tonight based on the glowing reviews I’ve read online. So far, after the first hour I can see why it’s getting so much attention. The combat system is quite fun. The voice acting is top notch (although there are WAY too many f bombs in there). The graphics are quite good, though there are alot of frame rate drops and the camera could use some work. The story seems compelling. Hong Kong is vividly realized and seems quite alive in ways that GTA never did to me. I haven’t done any driving yet but look forward to it.

Anyone else playing this one? What do you think of it?

I’ve been debating whether or not to pick this up. Everything I read and hear says that it is worth it, but as usual after a Steam sale I have a huge backlog of games. Decisions, decisions!

Oh! A demo is up on Steam - the perfect thing for me now!

Played the demo on my ps3. It was maybe 15 minutes of game play or so. I thought the fighting was neat, but I can see it vetting repetitive quickly unless you can unlock new moves and combos. I’m personally much more excited about the upcoming grand theft auto game.

I haven’t picked it up yet because my game backlog is just too big. But for anyone on PC thinking about it, you can buy it from Green Man Gaming for 30% off with voucher code GMG30-AUGUS-TWINS when you check out. You get a Steam key which you then add to Steam and download as usual.

Not sure on code expiration but I assume it’s good through the end of the month.

Thanks Jophiel! Got it for $35.