HELP! I just pulled an all-nighter and feel terrible- stomach aches, etc. and I need to feel better fast. I can’t sleep, and even if i could I have too much to do today. Is there something I can eat or drink or do to go back to feeling somewhat normal and functional? Thank you sooo much.

Depends what you were doing on this all nighter.

If it was sex well good for you.

If it was work eat a good breakfast.

As a matter of fact the good breakfast is probably the best thing I’ve found even if you were drinking all night.

Caution do not drink coffee.Nobody likes a wide awake drunk;)

you should drink coke syrup. you can get it at any pharmacy. just go to the counter and ask for it. it actually is the syrup with which they make the cola. it should settle your stomach.

Yeah, call people and cancel what you are supposed to do until tomorrow. Food poisoning is a great excuse. If they insist, show up looking like you probably do and they’ll send you home. Now that all of your worries are put off until tomorrow, relax. Get some a few hours sleep this morning/afternoon, but wake up so that you don’t sleep until midnight and start the cycle all over. Go to bed at your normal time.

You can try caffeine or ephedrine tablets (I prefer the ephedrine buzz to the coffee shakes) and take vitamins and high carb food (pastas, bread, etc- it gives you a sugar rush and calories to burn). Get a bottle of eye-drops to get rid of red-eye, and use them a lot. In fact, get the anti-red-eye ones and normal lubrication ones- use the red-eye one once an hour, and the lub ones every 10 minutes. (your body will try and shut you down by drying your eyes out, thus causing you to close them a lot). Now that you are fed and prepared- go take a jog. Get that heart rate up and break a sweat. Make some endorphines and tell your body that you need energy, so WAKE THE FUCK UP! Eat some more carbs. Drink TONS of water and juice.

But try and put off what you need to do until tomorrow, because you’re running on low batteries and you could make a mistake. What is worse for you- a sick day, or a big fuck-up? I don’t know, but if something is important, its probably important enough to do a good job, which you won’t do now that you are fighting your body.