Sleepwalkers shouldn't sleep naked!

D’oh! :smack:

Woke up this morning and went down to breakfast only to be greeted by cheers from my housemates… yup, sleepwalking in the buff again! How embarrassing! I walked into the lounge, stark naked, picked up a book from the bookshelf and sat down to read a page, dropped the book on the floor and went back to bed again.

I’ve done this twice before.

Once was at home with my parents, walked downstairs to the lounge in the late evening, naked again(:smack:), switched off the television which they were watching, walked round for a bit then switched it on again.

But the worst time was definitely :

I was living in a block of flats with a mate. I woke up one morning to find out that in the middle of the night, I’d walked over to my mates bed, pissed all over his head, pillow and bedside table, walked out of the flat, naked again(:smack:) and into a complete strangers flat upstairs. I’d walked around in the flat and woken one of two girls up that lived there by getting into bed with her!!!
She started screaming and woke up her mate, but they eventually realized I was sleepwalking.

I sent up a bunch of flowers the next day to apologize, but felt awful about it.

Anyone else sleepwalk?

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Well, if you’re having trouble remembering to wear pajamas, it’s no wonder you’re forgetting to preview… :slight_smile:

If I was you roommate in the second story you told you would have never woken up the next day.

:smiley: At least I have the good sense to put on my trousers before I go out to take a leak in the street in the middle of the night. :eek:

Fortunately my keys were in my pocket so I could get into the building again.

I’m curious… how did you get your username?
Seeing as how I always wake up with morning wood, it’s a good thing I don’t sleepwalk. If I ever notice that all items have been swept off the tables and bookshelves to a depth of seven inches then I’ll know I’ve started.

It so happened that during a Hash run® I was lying in wait with a beer and a cigar for a friend who celebrated his birthday that day (I wasn’t yet a Hasher). Afterwards I was dragged into the ceremonies and was told that “You saved your friend from dehydration. You are a lifasaver, a lifesaving device, a floating device … You are a Floater!”.

A couple of years later I was taken aside by an English friend who asked me: “Lars, are you aware what your name means in my cultural circles?” and he was relieved when I told him I did.

Quickly turning into a TMI thread…

I once sleptwalked naked into the living room and sat down at the table. It was sometime after everyone went to bed because I never heard anything about it from any of my family. I woke up around 4 am wondering how the hell I got out there, then went back to sleep (in my bed).

Another sleepwalker checking in. You haven’t been going through any sort of emotional upheavals lately have you? I find that I tend to get up and sleepwalk and talk in my sleep more when there’s something going on in my life that’s difficult to deal with. My SO is a psychotherapist and she tells me that sleepwalking is really prevalent among her clients.

The last time I sleptwalked I, too, was naked (I sleep in the buff). I apparently got up and went and got in bed with my SO’s 11 year old daughter (!). You can imagine her (and my) surprise the next morning.

You know those dreams where you find yourself naked at school. That really happened to me.

You are not the ony one. My freshman year of college, I did the same thing in the dorm. I apparently walked all around my floor and into the common areas naked. The thing was that no one told me when I woke up. For the next few days, people would just randomly laugh when I walked by. Finally, a girl that I knew had the heart to tell me the reason why. My dear roommate had been nice enough to signal as many people as he could to come see while it was happening. I would have never known if no one told me.

A couple of years later, I slept walked all the way out of my dorm room onto the grassy quad and then I woke up. I have never been as cofused or scared in my entire life. I ran as fast as I could to the first building that I saw which happened to be the landromat/student union. I ran in and hid in the bathroom and locked myself in a stall. It was about 5:00 in the morning. I stayed there until I was fully awake and realized the gravity of the situation. I was going to have to run out of the bathroom, through the building, across the quad, up the stairs to my dorm, and into my room with no clothes on. The real kicker was that I certainly didn’t have keys or anything else on me so I didn’t even know if I could get in once I got there. It took about an hour to build up the nerve then I made a break for it. I streaked past about 10 people on the way but I didn’t think that was too bad all things considered. I got to my door and turned the handle and thankfully it opened. I had simply sleptwalked out and closed it behind me.

Streakwalking. Now that’s a good 1000th post.

The first time I ever sleep-walked I was in a HOTEL. (The Dolphin at Disney Orlando.) When I woke up, I was outside my room. Thankfully, I had clothes on, but still. I called up to ask someone to let me in…some time later, no one had. So I had to go to the front desk, in my sheep-print nightshirt, and ask for someone to help me.

The conversation with the front desk lady went thus:

Me: “I accidentally locked myself out of my room. Could you get security to let me back in.”
Her: “Do you have your ID?”
Me: (staring) “If I’d thought to bring my ID, it probably would have been a better choice to bring my room key.”
Her: “I’ll get Security.”

And they let me in.

Since then, I have sleepwalked a few times. Never in the nude, though, and I’ve never left my house.

I sleepwalk all the time. I always have. I know because I frequently wake up to find things different in my house. For instance, yesterday morning the downstairs entry light was on (it’s always off) and the door to the attic was open (it’s always closed). The light switch and door are right across from each other, so I must have been dreaming that I had much business to do in that area of the house. It’s an eerie feeling to know you’ve been up doing things in the night and are not aware of it.

I often wonder what I’ve done on nights when I don’t find any evidence that I sleepwalked. Did I sleep through the night or did I go outside? Take the car somewhere?

For obvious reasons, I do not sleep naked.

Shag, for some reason this picture has made me incredibly happy this morning. :slight_smile: