Slicing a banana before peeling it

Basically my question is how do you slice a banana before you peel it ?
I remember many years ago at primary school, the headmaster was taking assembly and he did this trick. Since remembering this Ive asked a few people and the only solution beside magic is that a needle and thread is used. Can this be done with a needle and thread ? how ?

I’d never heard of use of a thread. Just a needle. You stick it in and waggle it from side to side, then take it out, move it up one slice-thickness, and do it again. The pin holes aren’t noticeable.

Thanks, I guess i should have googled this before posting. it has instructions for your needle method and the thread method. banana slicing

And remember kids:


“Do not eat the needle”](

I’ve seen this as part of a conjurer’s act. The pre-sliced banana has a playing card thrown at it and when peels, it seems that the card has cut the banana but not the skin.

For a neater effect, simply peel the banana, slice it, then replace the intact skin by reversing the flow of time.

God, that is so like you, to take the easy way out.

It works best on bananas that have started to get a few brown spots. You can make the needle holes less conspicuously in the brown spots. Otherwise, if you wait a bit you’ll see the skin turn brown around your needle holes.

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I tried that, but it didn’t work. I couldn’t keep the banana from un-slicing itself when I reversed the flow of time.

You must be new at this. Just skip over the slicing period on the way back, and you’re set.

What do they teach you kids in school these days?

Mangetout is good, but he’s not that good. No you’ve given him a really big head. What should we expect now, walking on water?

Remember a banana is not round but shaped like a five sided pentagon thingy. This trick was described in the classic “Sneaky Feats” book/column.