. Anyone go there?

I’ve been checking out that site for a couple of days now and there seem to be some good deals tossed about on there. The only thing that I’m not sure of is some of the people there get pretty underhanded about distributing coupon codes and scanning/printing coupons when they clearly say no copies allowed. All kinds of deals that include printing out one coupon, going to a different store to get price matched, then using a coupon on the same purchase the next day.

For the most part the deals seem straight, but there are some that are questionable both morally and legally maybe. Can you go to jail for coupon fraud?

Anyway, looking for opinions on that site, or if there are other, simliar sites what are they?

Two more are the Anandtech hotdeals forums and fatwallet


The web site “is a Not-For-Profit association of consumer product manufacturers dedicated to fighting counterfeit coupons, misredemption, and fraud.”

A co-worker of mine uses it all the time. He’s a sneaker fiend and uses it at least once a month to buy new kicks. He swears by it.

Most of the deals seem to be very limited-time things, and if you don’t get to them right away, the sale stuff runs out.

Seems legit, though.

The deals that show up on the main page are nearly always rebates, sales, or coupon codes (that as far as I know are valid). Once you get to the forum (and “Hot Topics,” as opposed to the “Slick Deals”, the deals start to involve price matching and such. I check it every day for stuff I could use but don’t need. I don’t like the underhanded deals either, so if a deal shows up that is from a reseller that I trust, and it doesn’t involve things like buying coupons off of eBay or making a fuss for a price-match, I sometimes will buy the product.

I got a 22" Acer widescreen LCD monitor for $215 shipped (retail is $310 I think) because Slickdeals notified me of the sale on BestBuy. That’s just one example.

Stick to the deals on the main page, be wary of the “Hot Topics” on the side, and you should be fine.

I use it all the time, i don’t think i’ve bought a razor in years and i always have plenty of free mags to read. I also found a great deal on a new computer there recently. Most of the stuff is legit, i’ve never seen any mention of coupon fraud on the stuff i buy which is always online anyways. Extremely cheap DVDs, cheap computers and accessories, free samples of magazines and razors all the time, i love that place.


Yes, Ben gets a click through if you use his site, but the bargains there are pretty good. Rather rebate-heavy, but occasionally there’s a good buy with no rebates attached.

I believe it’s slickdeals**.net**.

Woah, I’m totally getting the breakfast set from Linens n Things. It looks awesome!