Slimiest Show Ever Planned For Fox TV?

I know you are shocked to hear Fox Television is planning a show that is not high-brow, but this one might be the worst in a long time.

“Someone’s Got To Go” is a new reality based series in small businesses (20 or fewer employees) that shows them picking one person to be fired because of the rotten economy.

Gee, doesn’t that sound like fun?

Maybe the winner gets his foreclosure letter and a handgun.

LOL. Well I wouldn’t watch it. But I *immediately *thought of who I would have let go at my last job. The problem is, there were *way *more than one.

Here’s hoping the first episode stars the board of directors at Fox.

That’s a show? That’s what they do here at work!

Nobody who writes “LOL” should ever have the authority to fire someone.

Who’s the audience for this show? If they had a show where the producers of this show were fired, I might watch that.

Maybe next will be a show where the tv audience gets to vote on which of six delinquent tenants gets evicted.

:stuck_out_tongue: Life just ain’t fair, is it?

Is that a trick question? Can they all get evicted at the same time? :smiley:

Ah, but how many bullets?

A random amount determined by a d20 roll.

This show makes me sad, for so many reasons.

I hate Fox.

Fox could top that, easily.

I propose a new reality show, “Who’s The Biggest Dork?”

In this exciting new program, high school classes from around the country will be featured, as they single out, harass and bully the least-liked student until he/she either drops out, commits suicide or goes on a shooting rampage.

It’s reality-based, topical, and fun!

Please don’t give them any ideas…