slug & smokes

Why does Slug ALWAYS show everyone & everything puffing on a cig? It annoys the Hell out of me.:mad:

I’m not sure whether this is BBQ or MPSIMS or GQ, so if Moderators want to bounce it, go ahead

Not to mention that freak R. Crumb, with his frequent profanity and and nudity!

And Bill Griffith! Grrr, I hate that kind of playful sarcasm!

Why can’t all cartoonists be as wholesome and fun-loving as Mort Walker, Chip Brown, and Jonny Hart?

Ok,Doggie boy, I get your point, but you did not get mine, it appears. I am not saying he should never do this, in fact, at times it seems to lend a certain impact. But why so often? and why when it seems to add nothing?

I’m not a prude or censor-- I didn’t complain about the animals in fishnet stockings did I? But it seems like Slug can’t draw a creature without a cig, whyso? Hey Slug! You out there?

Um–he owns stock in R.J. Reynolds?

Smoking looks cool. :cool:

I don’t smoke, but that’s not the issue. Facts are facts.