Sluggy Freelance - for new sluggites

I know there are a few Sluggites out there, and after being on the SDMB, I know that there are probably more than a few potential Sluggites.

Read Sluggy Freelance - the best daily web comic out there. Here is a link if you want to take a look at a classic Sluggy adventure, which parodies Star Trek and Alien, among other things.

“My world is a crotch!” – Bert
“Okay. The talking ferret WAS weird.” – Danish Kruller

Doing parodies of Star Trek and Alien is old hat–but Sluggy parodies both at the same time! That’s my favorite sequence–though the Stormbreaker Saga (The Vowelless One) comes close.

I sometimes accuse my coworkers of going into “ferret shock” from all the blinking lights on the equipment…

sluggy freelance is the best, Kiki for President!

I personally like “Kiki’s Virus” the best of any sequence. Especially the bits with Sam, Dr. Schlock and the finger puppets. :smiley:

I’ll gladly bump this back up, since Sluggy Freelance is probably my favorite webcomic.

To avoid making this look too much like a pump, I’ll also mention College Roomies from Hell!!! (the three exclamation points stand for “quality”) and Nukees (for some odd reason, its URL of seems to be corrupting this message when enclosed in vB tags…must be the radiation), which battle it out for a close second and third, in my estimation.

Wendy is too new (to me, at least) for me to have decided whether I really like it or not. I expect that roughly half of the population, however, will be attracted by…ahem…a couple of things about it :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what my favorite sequence is. Probably either Torg in The Dimension of Pain or The Slug-Files (favorite lines: Mulder: The truth is out there! Scully: The truth is you suck!)

Come to think of it, Torg’s Black Heart was hilarious, too.

Sluggy freelance is probably the best online comic I have seen so far. My favourite sequence has got to be the Stormbreaker Saga.


PRAISE SLUGGY! PRAISE SLUGGY! ALL PRAISE THE GLORIUOS SLUGGY FREELANCE! [sub]And be scared as hell of the cute little lop-rabbit. Oooooh.[/sub] :eek:
I want Zoe under my Xmas tree. Wearing Saran-wrap, & nothing else, mind you. :wink:

Zoe is hot. But did you see Gwen when she got ready for her date? mmmm.

Sluggy is pretty damn good. I also like

And one of my absolute favorites is Bob the Angry Flower . It’s hit-or-miss, but it hits a lot.

I’m so happy to have found other sluggy fans. :sob:

The best and worst part of the comic is the fact that it doesn’t have a punch line everyday. This is good for making more entertaining stories with good plots, but it can make people who are visiting the sight for the first time think it is boring. I find it difficult to recommend this site to people because they go there and view the current days comic. There is no way you can get the full affect in just one day.

Okay, fess up…how much Sluggy merchandise do you own? My husband, 11 year old daughter and I have multiple Sluggy shirts…each.

I have all the “dead trees” editions of Sluggy currently available. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PRAISE SLUGGY! Or, have I already said that? :confused:

I missed the San Diego Comicon! I had planned to attend to get my belly signed by Pete, but real life got in the way, dammit! I had a friend who went, but his stomach was too hairy for them to sign (I think shirt-guy Tom has to sign all the men, and Pete only does the women. I mean, sign’s the female stomachs [a pretty scary concept at some of those conventions]). Didn’t even get a lousy t-shirt. Oh well, Xmas is just around the corner. Time for Bun-bun to put some serious work into shooting Santa down.

To date, I have 7 Sluggite converts that I know of. Does this mean I get to go to Sluggy heaven when I die?

Yes, you go to Sluggy Heaven, my little one . :slight_smile: <beams beatifically>
This is where you can get Sluggy Freelance books:


[sub]All Praise Sluggy[/sub] :slight_smile:

Might as well reply before Bosda bumps the thread again…

Some friends introduced me to Sluggy a month or so ago. The Dimension of Pain sequence is the funniest thing I’ve encountered this year.

“Did you sharpen my hell-spear?”
“Sharpen? I thought you said ‘shorten’!”

“Look, demons! My toe is outside the sacred circle of protection!”

Sluggy is the funniest comic I have ever read. It rocks.

Kiki has got to be the best character. “Stay good Bun-Bun, stay good!”

LSHIAHAA (Laughing so hard I am having an aneurism)

As an aside, anyone else notice that Zoe looks an awful lot like Akane from <b>Ranma 1/2</b> when she is yelling?

Thanks Lucie. I’d never seen that comic before. It took me 6 days of free time at work to read from the beginning to now, but it was worth it. I’ve been looking for something else to read, and this did it. I don’t know why, exactly, but the idea of an evil, sadistic, mini-lop with a switchblade named Bun-Bun cracks me up. Thanks for the laugh.